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  • Quadcopter fishing new sport 

  • This is fantastic! I think I need one.
  • Very cool. I know guys that break in brush-less motors by running them underwater. As long as you keep it away from salt water it should last a long time!

  • perfect for protecting the main parts from water and maybe sand LOVE the idea 

  • Very innovative, and when you think about it very simple frame. Well done! On my holiday list for sure!

  • This idea is so brand new that it has been done over a year ago, called DEX QUAD.

    BTW: I don't like water in my motors anyway. You will have to clean them with distilled water to get rid of the salt and re-oil them.

  • Im going to get one of these frames. I think scouting and fishing would be fine but you might have a problem if you actually hook something lol

  • That is the reason I got them it to hang an underwater cam on a 2m cord to inspect the reefs down here. was going to use a reel setup but I think just a cord will work fine

    If that works ok I will add these to the underwater pod

  • Developer


  • Why not all out Drone Fishing

    Florida Key Drone Fishing Tournament 

    Location Pidgin Key, fishing off 7mile bridge

    Could be fun

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