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Welcome to the new DIY Drones design!


You may have noticed that DIY Drones looks a little different today. That's because we finally switched over to the Ning 3.0 hosting framework, which offers a bunch of advantages along with continuity with the exiting content, membership and basic flow. Although Ning 3.0 was introduced back in 2013, Ning has changed hands since then and the development was not really complete until last year. So we waited until everything was stable to make the change.

Here are some of the new features that you may notice:

  • Works great on mobile! Finally, a responsive design that works on any size screen, taking advantage of the full width and height on any device.
  • Social sharing is built in (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Wider layout takes advantage of larger screens, more open design
  • A lot of behind-the-scenes tools to make managing and moderating the site eaiser
  • Overall, we've cleaned up the site and removed older unused features. 

All your content and membership information should be transfered intact, but please let me know if anything is missing.

There are probably still a few glitches that we'll clean up over the next few days, but overall this should carry us well into our second decade!

Known bugs/items that we're working on:

  • Content from the old groups is not showing up. While we sort this out, you can get access to them on the old site here.
  • We're removed some navigation elements from the old site to simplify this one. If you're really missing something, let me know
  • We're debating between full-screen width (more spread out, but can get really sloppy on very wide screens) or fixed 1080 width (what it currently is).

Here's a screenshot of the "before" (it's a lot narrower)




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  • Missing "edit" button for the comment post to allow going back and fixing mistakes!
    After entering the text of a comment, the button should say "submit" or "submit comment" not "comment".
  • I was going to say the site is slooowwwww, but after I just posted a comment, I see a comment from UAV Skies that the site seem slow. Glad it was not my imagination...
    Just remembered the print issue, I THINK there was an issue with printing a blog post in that all of the comments would not be contiguous and a person would have to print in blocks of ten or so...I want the blog post and ALL the comments in one fell swoop. If there were forty, fifty, or a hundred comments, it would take me ALL DAY to print them out (a bit of exaggeration) gogin ten and a time and clicking the NEXT button. We shall see how this new system is set up!
  • See! I have no photo for my account. On the display, a dummy head shot shows up, but on a print it does not. The user posts seem to bleed together.
    Additionally, the new site is using subdued font color; slightly greyed. WHY web-sites do this I don't know, but it REALLY affects readability. Especially for people like myself who have macular degeneration. As I type this comment, the font color is black and is NOT subdued. Enter a comment and you will see what I mean.
    And...the demarcation between blog posts is not all that great. The post's font should be at least TWO times the size of the text, and perhaps bold. As it is, the posts, like the user comments, seem to bleed together.
    And...I see as I am entering this blog post, the right scroll bar is set for too few lines. Should allow viewing of at LEAST three lines of text being entered.
    That's all for now. FYI: I am only on right now because I received an email notification of the web site's change. Seems OK, but there was one other thing I really was peeved about with the old site and it had to do with printing a blog...don't remember what the exact issue was, but if I do I will come back and let you know.
    Now as I type I can see three lines, but if I scroll back to see what I had written, the line indexing gets skewed and I can only see 2.5 lines or LESS...
    That's all. Keep your mask on!
  • The site is sort of loading a bit slow. Otherwise looks nice..
  • 3D Robotics
    I just added a screenshot of the "before"
  • Moderator
    I, like most, are somewhat resistant to change. The main pages seem ok, although it doesn't seem to auto size to my Note 8 all that well. Tablet seemed ok last night. On the old site I had a lot of stuff on my page that did not come over. Or if it did the way it did is not that great. I like how I had it arranged. My new page really not so great, but I'm sure I can fix it up. Just wish I had a screen shot prior.
  • Basic links in a blog post use a facebook URL redirector service, which is unpleasant from a privacy perspective. Though that can probably be undone with a setting somewhere...
  • Just a couple of things. The dummy picture doesn't show up when the blog is printed; no explicit demarcation between the posts. Will post again to show this.
  • Moderator
    Very nice Chris 👍🏻 looks way better on mobile and big screens
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