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  • Some of the throws are fantastic lol.
  • what a great selection of vids the last one brings back to me
  • aint that funny that most of these problems because c of g are see that alot as i remember in my younger days making balsa .
  • Hmmm.  That first one reminds me of my first takeoff. :-(  Smaller plane though, fewer pieces :-)
  • That last one made me laugh so much I cried!
  • 0:14




    It's good to show these as real flying is nothing like a video game sim.

  • But remember, as this instructional video clearly demonstrates, you'll have to carefully adjust the elevator trim so that when you release the sticks and throw the plane, it will perform a tight loop, right into the back of your head.  (Modifying the setup to hit your friend in the head instead also appears to be an acceptable configuration.)


  • Wow maybe I'll grab some spare parts and try to turn one into an RC plane. I forgot about these. Although some hallowing and reinforcing is going to be needed.
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    I think this should go in the I'm new to all this section, as a guide, great find very funny stuff, hope AMA don't get a hold of this, :)
  • Man i miss those cheap foam gliders. I dont think theres any toy that gives more fun for the price
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