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  • It's interesting how many of the fictional movie ships can be built and actually flown, at least in model form. This movie looks like something I will enjoy. Of course what I really want is the intelligent fabricator from Tony Starks basement.
  • Yeah, I think definitely RC inspired by movie.  I just can't see a multi-million dollar movie effects department trolling the internet looking for RC models to copy the design of.  The RC is practically identical, as far as where the prop locations are to the carrier pictured in the clip.

  • The RC model was probably inspired by the movie.  The video was only uploaded two months ago.

  • Nice!  Looks like all foam design, no extra weight due to arms and centre hub.  That's probably why the props look so small.  Now the only thing needed is to make it water tight and float too,


    Probably you have seen this already.  I wonder who copied who?

  • Heh, those fans would be like a giant vacuum cleaner.  We're talking about serious cross wind landing with major wind sheering. ;-0

  • IMHO, anything that large would need to be collective pitch to have any semblance of control. As the scale goes up, I don't think varying RPMs as a control method is fast enough any more.

    Ellison,  that would be an awesome idea, but the props would need to be shielded somehow or else one bad landing would be bad news for any plane that lands on it!

    Next would be the ArduPlane aircraft that can autoland on top of the carrier!

  • It's gotta be heavy lift though.  I don't think KK is capable of that.  Could be Wookong, MK or customized AC code..  Seriously, I'd love to make a foam version of this Aircraft Carrier, and actually land rc plans on it.  Image AC code controlling a flying AC.

  • @Melih, yeah.. I think so... :)

  • I'm sure they are using KK controller v1. It is rock solid and single loop code quad controller. But of course they are using Fast PWM ESCs. :)

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