Why drone fliers aren't spies or pervs


The perceived threat UAS operators potentially pose to individual privacy has become a rather hot, if not overblown, topic of late. Hopefully, a little humor can help people understand why drone fliers, by and large, really aren't spies or pervs.

WARNING this footage contains a bikini model! 

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  • I like it a lot. Very nice fact based approach with easy to understand examples!

  • Nice! My boss knows I fly near the park where she lives and recently asked me what I (and those who fly with me) are doing. Are we spying on people? I said no. I fly a plane and use it to practice taking photos of the ground so I can stitch together and the other guys race quads. No one is interested in what people are doing. I still think she was a bit afraid. 

  • I was just having a conversation this morning at work with someone about flying my UAS.  And of course the stupid question of spying on people with it came up.  I wish I would have had this video on me at the time, because it debunks that stupid question and really shows them what you can actually see.

  • Nathanial,

    My apologies for not also including a direct link to the video:


    You can easily download the video in several different formats (FLV-240p MP4-360p MP4-720p) by going to savefrom.net and entering the Youtube link above. They also have addons / extensions for most popular web browsers to make downloading Youtube videos even easier.

  • Moderator

    Fantastic! I watched it twice. I only wish I had a copy I could pull out and play for all the nay-sayers and privacy nuts I run into!


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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