Why OCTOV is a good choice for Aerial Movies



Hi everyone,


After several weeks of Flying with this plateform it's time for conclusion.

Avantages of OctoV : Payload can be 1 Kg

Autonomie can reach 5 mn with 4S 5000MAh

Against the Wind it flies well


One time the OctoV just fall down from 20 meters (no more juice) but the plateform stay horizontal and the Camera was safe :)  3D camera (really expensive).


I Fly with 2.0.42 ... 10 inch propeller and this stability is perfect.


Can be hard to YAW when the total weight is 4 Kg (YAW PID may need more P ???).


For the construction i use 1 meter Alu (15mm) without any cut :)


I encourage everyone to take the risk of building tha platform, you ll not regret !!! I finally sell it to a movie companie :) makes me sad but technology need to be share to those people. They want to make a movie in Maroco ( they told me about a car race) and for sure they need me to pilot the machine. I FOUND A JOB !!! MUM can be proud now :)



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  • Well.. I had a closer look now.

    It seems that those people sitting or lying on the grass won't move or react if the octo would fly right THROUGH them. Scary!

  • Developer

    Hi Patrice,

    I think you may have not understood the seriousness of the comments from your previous videos about safety. I'm one of the authors of the ACM code. I haven't done nearly as much with the ArduCopter code as Jason has, but certainly you are running quite a lot of code that I have written when you fly your octo. I can tell you that what you are doing is potentially dangerous.

    When you fly close over the heads of strangers you are putting them in danger. The sort of thing that could happen is an integer overflow in the ADC accumulation, or a DCM bug, or just a bug in the stabilisation logic. That sort of bug doesn't happen often, but it has happened before and when it does happen the results are really dramatic. Your octo could flip upside down and drive into the ground at high speed, all without you being able to do anything about it. If you are above a group of strangers at the time the results could be disasterous.

    I know it isn't likely that this will happen, but do please keep it in mind. Please read the safety information carefully.

    Flying ArduCopter is great fun, but please do it safely.

    Cheers, Tridge


  • by watching your video i learned people is really chill in Paris.

  • @I.S  check the specs Patrice gives in this very post, and a bit all around his blog;

    also you can say for each situation , there is a better

  • oh congrats for the job, if you need any advices on Morocco, ask me, im half native from there ;)

  • 10 VS 12 props? depends on motor size, Kv, # of cells of batt,etc Neither is absolutely "better"

    Wish we can know those specs.

  • yup same here, how come only 5min with1kg payload  (cam only?)

    have anhexa and after few tests, lifts 1kg easily for at least 8min on 4500mah 45c


    Also try flying with 2.0.49.  i bet you'll have some pid adjustments to remake. i was using 2.0.42 until last sunday, gave a spin for 2.0.49 .. much more nervous, but with some more wobble. I use stock hexa from jdrones, nothing funky ; Why do you use 10" props ? might get better with 12?

  • You get wide FOV with OctoV but 1Kg payload is not so much for 8 motors.

    What motors are you using and how much does the octo weight (AUW without payload (camera))?

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