Why the need For an 2,4ghz RC uplink?

2015-05-02_001.jpgHi all,

I Have a plan to build my own handheld groundcontroll station and was thinking about the 2,4ghz rc side of things... With having  a 433mhz telemetry uplink is there any need for a Traditional RC link?

If my Thinking is correct the 3DR Solo uses the Telemetry signal for RC controll Too, Correct me if im wrong! If they can do it why cant we? I know mission planner has an option for a "joystick" but there is also a need for the rc link aswell, Maybe the code would have to be tweaked?

Just an idea at the minute but What I would like to do is have a android stick on a 7" HDMI monitor runing droidplanner with a joystick conected for RC. (something similar to my image, just diy)

What do you guys think?

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  • The benefit of having an RC link as well as having a separate telemetry link is for redundancy. If you lose one, you'll still have the other.

    If you only want to use one there are a number of options:

    You can use a USB/bluetooth controller hooked up to your computer in mission planner to use as a controller for your aircraft (There is a setting to turn off the requirement for an RC link), but that will obviously be sent through the telemetry link as MAVLink data, which takes much longer to encode/send/receive/decode than just sending an RC signal in tandem with the telemetry. You can ramp up the speed of the telemetry link, but as you do that, you lose distance. There are lots of options of telemetry links, there are the 3DR 915 or 433 MHz telemetry modems (and the million clones of them), OPLink modems, RFD900 modems, plus many more.

    Another thing you could use is hardware that sends an RC signal (not mavlink) inline with telemetry data (Mavlink). What this does is take an SBUS or PPM signal and send it with the telemetry data all together. Such items include TBS crossfire, dragonlink and RFD900+.

    The next thing you could use is something that sends RC (SBUS or PPM), telemtry (MAVLink), and HD video all over WIFI. Items that can do this are "Solo Link", or "CUAV Hack Link", plus a couple others under development right now.


    There are literally thousands of people that have done these or variants of. One thing that is common though is connecting a number of joysticks and buttons to an arduino and getting that arduino to output a PPM signal, then transmitting that signal to their aircraft with a dedeicated RC transmitter module. They also may use this RC module in parallel with a telemetry link.

  • If your controller can output PPM, you can do it with a pair of OPLink modems.

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