Wild Hawk Rtf

What does anyone think of the wild hawk [easystar clone] from exceed?Wild Hawk Picture:


Link to siteEasyStar Picture:


I'm thinking about trying one for now so I can get started flying but I wanted to ask what anyone thought and do some research before I make a decision. Feel free, no, please comment!=]-Rd;)
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  • This is no offense. But it's amazing you guys are able to program these auto piloting systems but seem awed by simple aileron modifications to a simple 3ch aircraft. That plane is underpowered, It'll fly but adding extra weight for the auto piloting system you'd need a brushless upgrade. But yeah it would work fine. For flying climb as high as you can before you start experimenting with turning and such. Main thing is, keep your airspeed and don't yank the controls. Flying rc planes is very easy for the most part especially when your flying trainers. I hope you are successful in your learning to fly rc. This bird is a brushed model, probably a direct drive speed 400 or 380 with a crappy 3ch radio. it's a good thing you're only using it to learn on. Best thing to do after you learn to fly is to get a reliable airframe/kit and then buy a brushless combo with a paired esc. And also a lipo battery careful on that too. Too much amp draw and that baby will puff sometimes ignite!

    Oh after reading your post above, yes on 3ch planes they generally take Ch1(ailerons) and use that for the rudder, in this case you are able to keep the throttle stick at one position and move the other stick freely. Plus its the main stick you would fly with anyways. With 3ch's the planes have decent dihedral angles thus inducing a rolling effect rather than a yawing effect(which would occur if the wings were flat).

    Like I said this is no offense trying to help out. I'm an RC plane scratch builder junky, I'm new to this Drones/Autopiloting stuff though but I'd really like to learn I'd be happy to contribute my knowledge on Remote flying aircraft Helicopters, Sailplanes, 3D planes, Pylons etc...
  • Looks Great! Thanks for the comments!=]
  • I have 3 of these, with 1 already built with 50+ flights. This thing is a rock star. Is it Elapor, no I believe its EPP. It rocks, has super performance, equal to easystar. Does it have some issues like sticky elevator - yup, I cut it off, extended it 2 inches and re-tapped with blenderm - problem solved. Same with rudder, cut - extend re-blenderm. I added ailerons, 2 inch thick, this thing screams with a A-20 type engine. I have a 9x6 prop. Tilted the engine to +30 degrees to allow for bigger prop. This plane is perfect for FPV, and ardupilot. And quite a bit cheaper, especially considering it comes ready to fly. I eventually pulled the stock servos and added HS-81s the old ones, and its excellent. RCPOWERS.COM has modded the heck out of this plane, follow his mods they work like a charm. Now if yours is stalling, then the CG was tail heavy. Add some weight in front any you will be much better. Of course also do the mods that have been recommended to get bigger flight surfaces and also more smoother flight surfaces. Ailerons are not needed, but nice to have. Simply cut them, re-attach with blenderm and cut into wing to mount servo and gully.

  • You may want to consider this model:

    It's an AXN Floater-Jet from HobbyCity

    Basicly, it's an EasyStar/WildHawk with ailerons. There's some videos (Youtube) showing the EsayStar vs. AXN Floater-Jet.
  • Thanks for the comments Caleb! Is the video with or without brushless? If it's without brushless I'm about sold!
  • I see the complaints. the power really is not a problem with a brushed motor. i mean the plane is not a hotrod. the single best upgrade that you should never fly it without is larger rudder and elevator control surfaces. Can see it with its current upgrades (HERE). I broke the motor mount last flight.. a bit to much power with a brushless haha. Like the easystar, its a great platform to start from. Most hardware you will upgrade anyway so its the better deal. and with venders like HobbyCity.com it wont cost you an arm and a leg to get parts.
  • I have one. I got it rtf from harborfreight for $85 around xmas last year (08). I have done many mods to it. Ailerons/Flaps, larger rudder and elevator and brushless motor, as well as FlyCamOne2 mounted up front. here is a video.


    Its a solid plane. Very durable and fun to fly.
  • RC Powers also added a small outrunner which ended up with a hugely overpowered model but its easily repaired. Looked fun
  • i'm looking at it right now=]
  • want to chat on the chat thing at the top. We can have a private chat about it.
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