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I'm a Mechanical Engineer from Sherbrooke University. My Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering is on it's way !!!



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Jason Larocque commented on Joe's blog post AUVSI SUAS Compeition 2010
"Hi to all,

I'm from Sherbrooke University, team VAMUdeS, and I want to bring some presisions.

Sherbrooke University had 2 teams at the competition. Team VAMUdeS and team Elise.

Team VAMUdeS

Team VAMUdeS uses a modified Paparazzi TWOG…"
Jun 22, 2010
Jason Larocque commented on Mike Bakula's blog post 2010 AUVSI Student UAS Competition starts tomorrow
"I'm part of VAMUdeS team, from Sherbrooke University, from Canada !!! Check out our web site for more details:

Jun 17, 2010
Jason Larocque commented on AVS's blog post Successful ground station communication field test today
"Wow ! pretty impressive.

Do you plan to use other instruments such as air speed indicator, altitude indicator...?

Do you plan to use the touche screen functionality ? If yes, to do what ?"
May 28, 2010
Jason Larocque replied to Alex's discussion Xbee 900 help
"I've got some questions about X-Bees compatibility with ArduPilot....

- Is the XBee Pro 900 XSC RPSMA at Sparkfun (sku: WRL-09087) works with ArduPilot ? The range can be greater... and consumption current for the transmetter is less (210 vs 265…"
Mar 26, 2010
Jason Larocque commented on Ho-Chung Chang's blog post Hand made GPS receiver.
"Can you explain the fast localisation ?? Is it a "hot start" ?

...Maybe DPS of the futur will be that fast in 2090 !"
Mar 7, 2010
Jason Larocque commented on IKE's photo
"I love this one !"
Feb 26, 2010
Jason Larocque left a comment for Frank Bolduc
"haha !!!

je ne croyais jamais te voir ici !!! t'es intéresse par ArduPilot ??? On sais tous que Paparazzi est le meilleur :)"
Feb 24, 2010
Jason Larocque posted a discussion
I have 2 ArduPilot bords and 2 EM-406 GPS. I was wondering what could I do with a spare board and GPS...Would it be possible to interface the second GPS on the ground station and compare the ground station's GPS position to the UAV's GPS position ??…
Feb 5, 2010
Jason Larocque commented on Kostas Alexis's blog post Interfacing MATLAB and Arduino
"How do you wire up the Arduino and the MATLAB ? Is it with the FTDI cable ? Is there any Servo Output / PWM ? Do you need to erease the code in the Arduino to be able to use the MATLAB tool?"
Dec 1, 2009
Jason Larocque replied to Joe Nix's discussion Cheap 6+ Axis Acc/Rate w/I2 interface, < $60 WII Nunchuck and MotionPlus
"There's also an IR sensor in the Wii-mote. It is usefull for tracking devices on ground (IR target). The sensor returns coordonates (x and y). There's some people over the web that had maneged to buit some tracking devices with it. (see youtube...)"
Nov 25, 2009
Jason Larocque posted a photo
Control and navigation software : Google Earth preview, better communication, V-tail / ailevons mixing, auto and fixed refesh rate (for communications)
Nov 25, 2009
Jason Larocque commented on Jean-Louis Naudin's photo

c'est toi que l'a construit ? C'est la première fois que je vois ce modèle ! ...et je le trouve très intéressant !!!

(You've did it ? It's the firste time I see this model! Very interesting !!!)"
Nov 15, 2009
Jason Larocque posted photos
Oct 20, 2009
Jason Larocque commented on Jason Short's photo
"Very nice prog !!

I think there's alot of ground station code out there (see my VB HUD), yours has very beautiful graphics !!! And you have a nice feature with the uplink."
Oct 14, 2009
Jason Larocque commented on Pete Burnight's blog post I2c GPS frees up Serial Port
"A clock signal and a Data signal ! Thank to Wiki !!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2C"
Oct 8, 2009
Jason Larocque commented on UAV Pilot's photo
"Nice !!!"
Oct 8, 2009