Windows 8 and how to get your APM2 working on it

This first part only happens to some..... so skip it if it does not apply

My first problem with this started when downloading it. it apparently didn't recognize the .inf driver file so it associated it with notepad and gave it a .txt extension. of course you normally cant see it because know extensions are hidden. anyways,, after you fix that that, how to get it to run? the old tricks dont work, and I want a permanent I read this:

The steps to install a unsigned driver on windows 8 is as follows.

1. From windows 8 desktop, put the mouse in the corner so you can hit settings, then hit Change PC Settings at the very bottom again and it will take you to the advanced setup screen, then choose General –> Under “Advanced Startup” –> Restart now.

Now the system will restart and might take some minutes to show up the boot menu. Wait for It patiently.

After some time you will be prompted with a menu with following options.

1. Continue

2. Troubleshoot

3. Turn off

Choose Troubleshoot

Then the following menu appears.

Refresh your PC
Reset your PC
Advanced Options
Choose Advanced Options

Then the following menu appears

System Restore
System Image Recovery
Automatic Repair
Command Prompt
Windows Startup settings
Choose Windows Startup Settings, then Click Restart.

Now the computer will restart and the boot menu appears. Choose “Disable Driver signature Enforcement” from the menu. Now windows will start and you can do the installation of the driver that is not signed. Smile.

This seems to be a permanent fix, unlike the F8 fix in windows 7.

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  • 3D Robotics

    John. No worries. I'll PM you the entire thread from our ticketing system and restart the replacement process. It's best to work via email so that there's a record and we can avoid confusion like this. 


  • Hi Chris, I actually made a phone call on this months ago and thats not what I understood, however I am happy to send this back.

    Its been a while so I need to have the address please.



  • 3D Robotics

    John, I checked the tech support thread and it shows that we've already offered to send you a replacement, and will refund the price of the original APM once it's returned. The team is just waiting for your reply. Perhaps there was some confusion in the communications?

  • 3D Robotics
    John, sorry to hear that. I'll check the tech support ticket thread and we'll get you a replacement APM ASAP.
  • Well after failing to get the APM to work on several Win7 PCs I finaly got hold of a new laptop with Win 8 (Yeay!)

    So I followed all the tutotorials and I still can load the driver for this $200 piece of crap. Weeks of stuffing around reading blogs and  posts, Even contacted the dudes we bought it from and they were a little worse than useless with there help.

    Just a footnote: I write VBA for Windows apps and I program data bases so I know my way around a PC with INFs DLLs etc...

    Botom line for me is I desperatley wanted to get involved but I dont have that much time to waste anymore.

    I can only imagine the APM I have is faulty as I have tried all known configurations to load the driver. I want to thank all of you for your kind advice, it was appreciated. As for the sellers, they shove this piece of crap wher it belongs, Ive had enough. Buy another one to see if it works - yeh right....

  • Has this been fixed yet? Is it being fixed?

  • If you want a start button on Windows 8 you do not have to pay for it you can use Classic Shell for free or donate if you would like. Link

    Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements
  • Im running Windows 7 and all im getting is code 10 errors, Ive wasted a week on trying everything so far.

  • Thanks Chris, I found this to sorely in need... Windows 8 is starting to grow on me, especially since it handles multiple monitors Much better. The lack of a traditional start button is a bit to get used to.. I installed from the desktop, and it transferred all my programs and setting, even from 3rd part apps. Only one program needed upgrading, and they even made that easy. Still though, no start button. weird. Oh and Im a little sore that PC scored a paltry 7.9
  • 3D Robotics

    Excellent! Many thanks for this. I've linked to in in the manuals

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