World's best FPV pilot

Someone strapped a GoPro to an eagle. It's inspiring to think that as technology improves, we'll be able to get closer to this type of flight.

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  • I highly doubt it's a GoPro. People just tend to use that name for every small camera that can be mounted somewhere these days... It's more like a small bullet camera. Retrieval should be easy if this is a trained eagle - they just return home sometime :)

  • How did they get the Gopro back ?

  • Next up on the vibe mitigation testing rig...feathers and muscle.

    Impressivev vid...not quite as impressive as the Eagle's seemingly effortless flight, even with a gorpro onboard and in the airflow. We still have a long way to go to match nature's level of efficiency, it seems...

  • OMG, crazy people... :-)

  • Amazing vid !

    After chicken steadycam why not eagle steadicam ?

  • Distributor

    HK will sell a knockoff of this one within 3 month

  • where do you put the 2200 3s 25c pack ?

  • Sure could use a better gimbal though.

  • Fantastic !

    The most difficult should be to set it.

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