Worlds smallest autopilot (yet)


The most tiny autopilot in the world was introduced yesterday by the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands.

Named Lisa/s, she comes in at the scales with just a mere 1.9 grams, the 2*2 cm board has everything that a multirotor needs. Among the sensors are a 3 axle gyroscope, compass, barometer and a gps module. It also includes Superbitrf, which allows it to be in contact with a groundstation and a rc controller at the same time. 

It runs on Paparazzi and will go on sale via 1bitsquared in January 2014.

More info (in dutch) here and a video:



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  • loving this but the price is putting me off.. is the hardware open source?

  • Check out all the flying wings "gun racked" in the background...;-)

  • Awesome
  • Fantastic! Micro drones :)

  • i would love to see this integrated with missionplanner! that would make it well worth the price.

  • Very impressive hardware. Here's a sped-up video of Esden laying out the board:

  • Soviet87...I have training in confined space search and rescue, and have an interest in using autonomous vehicles for this type of work (as well as more traditional SAR and disaster survey). I have always thought ground vehicles would be the only option for confined spaces, but aerial may not be too far off with continuing miniaturization.
  • Very cool! Just think of the super tiny tiny applications that this could be used for!!!

  • Wow! Autonomous micro drones are a particular interest of mine.
  • Awesome. That is micro beauty.

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