3689631876?profile=originalHi, today I decided to share all my upgrades I designed and built for my Talon.
Since attachable picture number is limited here, detailed photos and more renderings can be fount on the project GrabCAD page, together with the neccessary .STL files and .DXF files for parts. These upgrades doesn't need difficult modifications on the Talon fuselage, all of them fits to the foam parts.

Please don't forget, if you like my work, you can donate me with some bucks!!! ***THANKS IN ADVANCE***

1) GimBALL adaptation for talon.

  • you will need 2 mm GF (aka. glass fiber sheet like G10) plates,
  • some 3D printed parts
  • 4 pieces of 10 mm long M3 rubber shock absorbers (the length is important to be 10 mm, if you have smaller blocks, use some spacers),
  • on pitch: HK-2206-140KV,
  • on roll: RCTimer 2212,
  • you have to buy a big sized motor mount cross or make one from aluminium or GF plate

2) Langing gear

  • This is a reinforcement for the fuselage to stable, rigid landing gear solution. You will need 2 mm GF sheets,
  • 5 pcs of MPJet Mounting Nuts (MPJ1005 code)

3) Camera mount

  • This is a roll-stabilized camera mount I designed for my Canon IXUS 100 camera. You will need 1,5 mm and 2 mm GF sheets,
  • a 3D printed camera lock
  • 5-6 mm thick silicon foam for shock absorbing
  • 2 pcs of d5xD11xw5 flanged bearing
  • a Turnigy TGY-306 (or same sized) servo
  • some screws, linkage rod, linkage ball

4) Misc. parts

  • I designed a small 3D printed pitot tube holder for the original 3DR pitot tube. The two parts needs to be glued together.
  • Also I replaced the wooden tail skid to a 2 mm GF part, for longer life.

I hope you enjoy them, I wish you happy and successful building!

*** CAUTION - 1*** Please note that I spent on many hours on designing and building them, regarding my current needs. I won't modify any of them for further requests (ie. other type of camera) unless you pay my efforts, since I'm doing this in my limited spare time. Thanks for understanding...!

*** CAUTION - 2***  Please note that I designed all 3D printed parts to be printable on a Stratasys FDM printer, which uses support material system too. I didn't tested the printability on a cheaper DIY printer family without support material, maybe parts can be printed on them too, maybe not... ***

Best regards


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  • nice

  • I should have checked with your reference images first, as your plate still works....however, they have added a new mounting plate:
    ynM3sKQ.jpgI then modified your design to fit like this:

    Yours still fit:


    I did a mock assembly with the modified mountain plate and it was the first time putting the gimBALL around the mobius. (Note, nose cone print failed half way through, but was still enough for a basic fit test )



    While it looks very promising, I was not happy with how difficult it would become to access the gimbal setup and also just getting to the Mobius. I would have to remove the nose, unscrew for 4 screws and then it's a fairly tight friction fit for the mobius.

    I'm still keen on the idea, though, so I think something like a half-dome on the front of the mobius would work better and enable easier access to the camera.

  • Ok, I understand the confusion now. On the version I got (v4), there's a gimbal/camera mounting plate included, which is the one that's lying underneath your design in the picture I took.
    I have already modified your design and will get a new version cut this weekend.

  • The part underneath is supposed to be glued inside like in here:


    There's now a slot for it to fit in.
    It'll be a few days before I get back to the workshop, but I'll post picture then

  • Could you make a photo about the fuselage too? This part is glued inside or outside? My plate is glued inside!
  • In your original design, was the carbon tubes centered in the two slots on the side?

  • 3701955396?profile=original

  • Could you post some photos?
  • So, picked up my Talon today and it appears that the internal shape of the fuselage has changed and the Gimbal Plate no longer fits. I'll tweak it to fit and link it here.

  • Oops, just read the note about modification requests :). I did try to read in the STL files, but Fusion can't edit those meshes and Sketchup can't load them. I might to get it converted to objs and try in Houdini.

This reply was deleted.