I would like to formally announce the availability of the XtremeOSD. It is a full color pixel graphic OSD with support for many popular flight controllers including Pixhawk over serial and DJI over CAN bus and others. The XtremeOSD is feature rich. It is designed to be used on copters, planes, rovers and can even be implemented in the ground station to save weight and space on the vehicle. 

  • Flexible voltage regulators 7.2V to 36V input
  • Multiple camera input and display output support
  • Switchable main and PiP live cameras
  • Both main and PiP camera ports are switchable between 4 cameras each
  • Easy Firmware upgrades
  • Waypoint display on supported flight controllers
  • Virtual position indicator
  • Serial pass-thru of telemetry data
  • Real-time hardware assisted color graphics
  • CVBS/S-Video/Component camera support
  • CVBS/S-Video display support
  • On-screen instruments can be enabled or disable to add or remove them from the display
  • 3 screens, full instruments, text only critical data across the top line, and video only

For more information please visit: XtremeOSD

If you have any questions, please ask!

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  • Nice!!! support two cameras :D

  • Thanks Thomas. It is in fact NTSC FPV video. The XtremeOSD only supports NTSC/PAL video. The XtremeOSD runs at 720x480 16 bit color using 2D and 3D graphics video hardware.

  • Wow! Looks just like it came out of a Boeing 787.  However, it also looks like it's not running over an NTSC FPV video link. Am I correct? Looks like it's over a HD video recording.

  • Fair enough.  I suppose an external AFSK->serial telemetry adapter could be built easily enough, so it could be supported without any modification to the board.  Whether the data updated smoothly enough would be a bit subjective I think.  It certainly wouldn't update as smoothly as high-speed telemetry, but you could optimize the telemetry stream to update the faster changing items (horizon, etc) more often, and the slower changing items (battery stats, etc) less often.

  • Thanks Brian. Yes ground station based OSD is becoming much more popular especially with the FPV racing and we are adding new support specifically for that. But even other aircraft as well because it reduces weight, complexity etc.

    We don't support audio AFSK encoding for three reasons. The amount of data necessary to drive the artificial horizon and other instruments smoothly in real time is just too much, there is no analog audio support on the board. There is an I2S port so I guess technically a low cost adapter could be added if there was any real demand for such an item. The third reason is the telemetry ports can all be used bi-directional and pass-thru so you can insert the OSD between your flight controller and your ground station software like Mission Planner or whatever GCS you may be using.

  • Looks very nice, but it's a bit too big and expensive for me to put on any of my air-frames.  I would consider it for a ground-based OSD, which has always made more sense to me than duplicating the functionality on every aircraft.

    I assume the source is closed?  Have you considered supporting some sort of telemetry on the audio channel e.g. using AFSK encoding?  That makes a lot of sense to me for a ground-based OSD, since you should always have the audio channel if the video link is still good, and you don't need super high data-rates for basic telemetry.

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