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Computer systems engineer, servers, networking, programmer. 30+yrs Electronics engineer, schematic and pcb design for personal and contract for international companies. 5+yrs

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Nashville, TN

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Rick Steele commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Pozxy ultrawideband positioning support from ArduCopter
"My sentiments exactly. We have been looking at this for over a year ourselves and I have just been absolutely amazed that no one has been developing this exact concept ever since the Pozyx and the DWM1000 units became available.
I would think this…"
Dec 2, 2016
Rick Steele commented on Rick Steele's blog post XtremeOSD
"Thanks Thomas. It is in fact NTSC FPV video. The XtremeOSD only supports NTSC/PAL video. The XtremeOSD runs at 720x480 16 bit color using 2D and 3D graphics video hardware."
Oct 3, 2016
Rick Steele commented on Rick Steele's blog post XtremeOSD
"Thanks Brian. Yes ground station based OSD is becoming much more popular especially with the FPV racing and we are adding new support specifically for that. But even other aircraft as well because it reduces weight, complexity etc.
We don't support…"
Oct 3, 2016
Rick Steele posted a blog post
I would like to formally announce the availability of the XtremeOSD. It is a full color pixel graphic OSD with support for many popular flight controllers including Pixhawk over serial and DJI over CAN bus and others. The XtremeOSD is feature rich.…
Oct 2, 2016
Rick Steele commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Announces Unmanned Aircraft Registration Requirement
"Hey FAA and DOT I have a novel idea, how about some broad spectrum PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS describing the common sense UAS, UAV, Drone, Commercial and hobby aircraft guidelines we already have in place like Know Before you Fly as an example…"
Oct 20, 2015
Rick Steele commented on Azjeg's photo
"What is the make and model of the case you used on this one? It looks like it may be perfect for a project I am working on.
Mar 26, 2015
Rick Steele left a comment for Allan Matthew
"Hi Allen, I noticed you have been working on a Ardupilot Linux port to the Freescale i.MX6. I am about to do the same. What is the status of your port and what are your plans for sharing if any assuming it is not already available and I have just…"
Jan 17, 2015
Rick Steele commented on Janis Kuze's blog post UgCS 2.1 is out!
"Alexei, you say you have support for H.264 network streams. So far we have been unable to get a Wi-Fi based stream using UDP/IP RTP container using H.264 codec to work at all without having to transcode the video MJPEG which is a very slow process…"
Dec 20, 2014
Rick Steele commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Small Electric Helicopter 108km/h Auto Flight
"Hi Rob,
I'm impressed and it just so happens I have a spare Trex500 and a brand new Pixhawk just waiting to be used. Would you mind sharing your exact Pixhawk and copter configuration so that I might try to get mine to do some of the same things. It…"
Sep 23, 2014
Rick Steele commented on Toby Lankford's blog post Aerial VIsta Challenge Team Design Concept
"Toby, Interesting project. I was wondering if there was an update. When is your project deadline? I would like offer our new ExtremeOSD, The first full color, full graphic, general purpose OSD that is compatible with the 3DR Pixhawk as well as the…"
Mar 12, 2014
Rick Steele commented on Gisela & Joe Noci's blog post Mission Planner Legal use of Google Maps/Earth content
"To make my point even clearer consider the following. The TOC says:
(i) real time navigation or route guidance, including but not limited to turn-by-turn route guidance that is synchronized to the position of a user's sensor-enabled device.
MP does…"
Nov 23, 2013
Rick Steele commented on Gisela & Joe Noci's blog post Mission Planner Legal use of Google Maps/Earth content
"At first glance I also considered Gisela & Joe Noci post a concern but after reading mp1's post I reread the highlighted sections of the TOC, this time taking the statements literarily and I have to say, for the most part now I agree with mp1. I…"
Nov 23, 2013
Rick Steele replied to Luciano Zanchi's discussion FOLLOW ME / LEAD IT on Arducopter V. 3.x in Andropilot Users Group
"I am running 3.0.1 on my HexTreme hexacopter and have tried Followme using a Android tablet several times with Droid Planner. Every time I activate Followme the copter shutters, then starts climbing, then hesitates, shutters and climbs some more.…"
Nov 21, 2013
Rick Steele posted photos
Sep 27, 2013
Rick Steele commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post OpenPilot store open
""Have you ever considered the fact that it's mathematically impossible to compute a vector (and thus, establish direction) without at least two points? Given the fact that the GPS "raw" reading could jump 3m (prox) even when hovering in one place,…"
May 11, 2010
Rick Steele commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post OpenPilot store open
"David, I am glad to see you are making progress. Congrats all around. I will order one to see how well it works with my current OSD/HUD and my new OSD/HUD I am waiting for finished boards to arrive now. It will be nice to finally see a GPS keep up…"
May 9, 2010