worst case scenario reflection levels

worst case scenario reflection levels

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  • Rick, FYI, we modify the top handle part, because it would get in the way of laying the lid flat when it's open. We cut it off at the hinges and replace it with a steel spring core rubber type that retracts flat when not in use. If you're happy with a bigger top loader, I can recommend the iM2435 Peli Storm, because it already has a recessed top handle, and it's also on wheels...

  • It depends on the technical content, but the latest models we've shipped out were around 3500 € with low TDP i3-i5 type hw, 250Whs of LiFePO4, automatic TBC, DVR, frame grabber, etc. It can be a couple of hundred more if the customer also needs fully rugged waterproof controls.

  • How much will this GCS run us?

  • It's a Peli 1430 top loader.


  • What is the make and model of the case you used on this one? It looks like it may be perfect for a project I am working on.
  • I don't think I made a picture of that version at the time, especially because it was a one-off, but I may come across the 3D model in our collection. Most of our gear is through the door the same day it is finished and tested. Even though we do a thorough systems check, complete at least three full charge and discharge cycles on the battery pack to calibrate the gas guage, etc., I'm always still uneasy to let the stations go before running them for a week. But there you go, taking pictures is the last thing I worry about when we work with hard deadlines... :-)

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    True,  even that can be avoided with vox function enabled if this unit is used with muffed mic or inside a enclosed vehicle. Any photos of the earlier ver . cheers

  • We've implemented that in one of our earlier versions, but it takes up valuable panel real estate. It's much easier to add a single rugged spk/mic/PTT connector for an external radio hand controller on the body of the Peli case. Since most users would only need a single channel, you don't really want any other controls for the two-way radio.

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    Only thing I can think of missing is two way radio console/mic socket for voice communication  but that can be written off with any Handie radio.  cheers

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