XUAV-Talon for Aerial Surveying


Precision Aerial Surveying & Mapping


The purpose of this blog is to document a comprehensive, custom build of the XUAV-Talon for precision surveying and mapping.  Content will include build process, tips and tricks, hardware choices, 3D print modifications, CAD drawings (Sketchup), photos, software for aerial data processing and short video segments.  As I have recently attended several conferences concerning the latest FAA rules and regulations for small(under 55lbs) commercial drone operation in the United States; I will be posting my interpretation of the laws and options available to fly drones legally in the US National Airspace(NAS).


Please refer to my profile for details: http://diydrones.com/profile/RyanFuselier

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  • Amazing work Ryan.

    Im trying to improve tail and landing skid with 3d printed pieces. I dont have any 3d scanner and my approach with camera was unsucessful (an horror). I can't download your 3D dropbox files, links are down. Please can you re-upload it?


  • Great build log  Ryan. Many Thanks!!

    What is the longest mapping flight time that you achieved using the Talon and what was the battery capacity for that longest mapping flight?


  • Talon sub-millimeter scans...


    3D Print Modifications...


    Dropbox - Error
    Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
  • Hi Ryan , I tried to download the scan x u to heel , lace but in your dropbox , has expired. Could you give it to me again? thanks
  • Gimbal working very well.  In the next week I will try and post some of the video footage.

  • 100KM

    Nice to see your talon flying.  How is the mobius gimbal working?

  • Talons finally finished and all is working as planned.  Fly's well.


  • Sorry for the delay guys on the final build... in the meantime was pursuing my "Private Pilot" certificate and just finish.  That effort took much more time than I expected.  I now have two builds on my plate to include the Talon and DJI S800 EVO with Pixhawk system.  Hoping to finish S800 this week which will free up some time to complete Talon.

  • Ryan, this is a great blog. Congratulations for your skills. Looking forward to see your flight details. Thanks! 

  • Thanks for the uipdate Ryan. I look forward to your future reports.

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