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Warning: NO low battery RTL in UGCS auto mode for DJI Matrice (and perhaps all DJI?)

Started by Eben N. Broadbent. Last reply by Eben N. Broadbent 21 hours ago. 4 Replies

If you are in auto mode, your drone will continue the mission until it hits the default 10% at which point it will auto-land wherever it is located (in my case, would be a tree canopy). A huge risk if you conduct missions outside of telemetry range, or just sometimes don't pay close attention to your battery level.Although there is no work around, the only way to minimize risk is to conduct very conservative short missions, and if possible try to remain in UGCS telemetry range (which extends…Continue

Udp connection

Started by Richard Smith. Last reply by Sergey Kucenko on Tuesday. 3 Replies

HelloI can't seem to connect to my vehicle via udp/wifi connection. I can connect with both mission planner and qcg with my setupMy setup is as followspix2raspberry pi 3 (handles networking and mav proxy)quad plane running arduplane 3.7futaba t8fg super with futaba receiverI have mavproxy stream the telemetry through the pix2's telem1 port to the uart on the pi. The pi is a dhcp server and i use a separate wifi device at the ground station. I have tried several ways of getting the remote port,…Continue

Any way to add more waypoints for DJI?

Started by zhexiong shang. Last reply by Sergey Kucenko on Tuesday. 1 Reply

Hi,It looks like the DJI devices have the limits of 99 waypoints. Is it possible to extend this limits if I use ugcs SDK? Or any other way to work around?Ang comment is appreciate.Thanks,Continue

Using Telemetry data in sqlite telemetry.db

Started by Stevod. Last reply by Stevod on Monday. 3 Replies

Hi, I'd like to be able to process the telemetry data contained within the telemetry and telemetryField tables within C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\UGCS\db\sqlite\telemetry.db.Unfortunately, my sqlite client is telling me the "value" column of the telemetry table is in varbinary format, which can't be displayed directly or used within SQL as it's not a valid numeric type. Is there any way of doing a SELECT to retrieve the value in a datatype that SQLite understands, so that I can do…Continue

Can't arm DJI P3P using UgCS .NET sdk

Started by Nir Berman. Last reply by Igor Sutugin Jul 13. 15 Replies

Hi,I'm trying to use UgCS .NET SDK to control my DJI Phantom 3 Pro. I wanted to start with the most basic functionality - arm/disarm. I am able to connect to the UgCS server, get the list of vehicles and select the P3P, but then when I send the Arm command it returns immediately with no effect.Bellow is the code, I'm sure I'm missing something but I can't find out what. Any help is welcome,Thank,Nir.------------------------------------using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using…Continue

Can't upload route to EMU-COPTER using .Net SDK

Started by Stevod. Last reply by Stevod Jul 12. 3 Replies

I am using the SDK to implement a full mission, including uploading a new route. The attached code Program.cs is heavily based on the Console example in the SDK. however, when I try to upload the new route, I get the exception "Action requires exclusive vehicle control." even when I acquire a lock before hand. What do I need to change to get this working?Here's the most relevant section of code from the attached file:AcquireLockRequest acquireLockRequest = new AcquireLockRequest {    ClientId =…Continue

UgCS for DJI: Phantom 4 Pro Connection Issues

Started by DC. Last reply by Artūrs Jul 11. 1 Reply

Hello all,Happy to see the release of the UgCS for DJI app with compatibility for the Phantom 4 Pro. After installing, I ran into issues connecting the P4 pro to the android app, yet the Matrice 600 connected fine. I've tried using it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running Android 7 (also tried with android 6 and same issue), and a Motorola Moto X Pure running android 6.0 yet the same issue occurs.Neither of them have DJI Go installed on them, and they still both connect to the Matrice 600, but when…Continue

DJI Inspire2 not accepting auto mode

Started by Luis Gil. Last reply by Artūrs Jul 5. 5 Replies

Hi all. I'm having trouble with an Inspire2 photogrametric mission. When I try to start (auto mode) it shows the following message: Auto mode failed - the radius of mission is over the acceptable limit. If I takeoff in manual mode, I see I cant go further than about 30m height and 50m distance. I've checked all parameters, all fine. Flying with DJI Go it flies without problem (no restrictions set up). Why can't I fly with UgCS? Maybe is it a DJI firmware issue?Thanks in advance. Luis.Continue

Photogrammetry with A2 flight controller, Z15 gimbal

Started by Douglas Stern. Last reply by Luis Gil Jul 4. 4 Replies

We operate a DJI S900 with A2 controller, Z15-N gimbal and 2.4 GHz Data Link dedicated to photogrammetric surveys. Our experience, having tried a number of alternate configurations, is that UgCS will not trigger the camera. The Gimbal Control Unit 'Shutter' and 'Mode' ports are connected to the A2 General Purpose Servo ports 'F2' and 'F3'.Are there any A2/Z15 operators who are using UgCS for photogrammetry who could offer suggestions? Is photogrammetry possible with this hardware using UgCS?Continue

Spanish text strings file corrections help offer

Started by Juan Miguel. Last reply by Juan Miguel Jul 3. 2 Replies

Dear UgCS programmers,     The spanish text strings file, although generally speaking is quite correct, there are plenty of minor errors and some others (not so minor) in translation.I speak (and write) several languages and have knowlegde in aeronautics, and I would kindly offer me to correct this file for you. Then, if necessary, you could pass it to other spanish users if double checking should be necessary.I will do it for free, of course. I like the idea of UgCS and…Continue

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Comment by juan pablo gayoso on January 19, 2017 at 11:11am

is possible read mission file from UgCS to MissionPlanner, in both directions.

Comment by Marshall Cant on December 26, 2016 at 8:54am

I have the same problem.  My "Overshoot" field is also set to 0.

If you reduce overlap you also reduce the quality of the results.Pix 4D recommends 70% overlap (as does most other photogrammetry software).

Please explain how to correct this and have the UAV follow the outline of the area.



Comment by Alex on December 26, 2016 at 3:57am

Adam Kelly, you got to make lower Forward overlap to get not so big overshoots.

Comment by Adam Kelly on December 26, 2016 at 2:51am

Hi - I'm new to ugcs. I'm planning a mission and I keep getting big overshoots using the photogrammetry tool. I've attached a screen shot. Anyone know why this is happening? I have tried changing pretty much all the variables one at a time, nothing changes these overshoots. It suck up a lot of flight time to travel this extra distance.

Comment by andrew cutter on May 6, 2016 at 8:46am

Got reply back from UGCS on the use of tablet . Trying to find out whether pixhawk copter or fix wing is supported and working .

will work on the mobile tablet . All i could find was support for DJI . According to the email Android 5 and 6 is working ?

Comment by Eric Kubicka on August 16, 2015 at 2:19pm

If anyone is interested in beta testing our new logbook sync to UGCS let us know. We appreciate any takers/feedback. . 


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