• Yes, you can use the x8 configuration and wire up two esc's in parallel.  We have done this before:


    • Those are great looking machines! I'm looking to build something similar to the second picture, but just a ring. How big are those props and the weight of the craft? What autopilot is it using?
  • Yes.
    • Is their a build video
    • Thank you!  It's good to see it done at least once already.

  • As as each member in a pair is applying thrust and torque in the same direction as its twin.
    • So each rc out will be controlling 2 neighboring motors that are turning the same direction as each other. 

      I'm thinking of 16" props, based on the size of the copter.  I have used a 6S battery to power 4 of these, and it does it nicely.  Are there other considerations besides upping the capacity of the battery?  With 16 motors turning 16" props, will the standard wiring going from the battery to the ESCs be sufficient?  Are there power distribution boards that would handle this?

      • you have lots of reasearch to do.

        it's not about how big propellers you have, it's about the energy, how many Watts will a hover need, (depends on motors/props/weight & efficeincy)  - you need at least need a current that supports hover current *2 - the rest you can limit in software (such big machines often end up on ridiculous theoretical maximum current)

        you have some work ahead of you - so start reading on the theory  :)

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