2.0.38 help and suggestions

Working on the next revision. Here's what's coming:

- Moving imu and baro calibration to the arming sequence, anything else?

- Simple mode with alt hold?

- Tridge's max motor fix for Hexa's and Octa's

- A new Octa setup from Hein for better performance.


Please fire away with any suggestion or issues. Mostly looking for fixes and improvements to existing features so we can finalize this version of the code and move to the next generation.




What's done so far. 


todo move ground start to first arming

added ground start flag

moved throttle_integrator to 50hz loop

CAMERA_STABILIZER deprecated - now always on

renamed current logging bit mask to match APM

lowered NAV_LOITER_P to 1.0

increased NAV_LOITER_D to .6


moved some stuff out of ground start into system start where it belonged

Added slower Yaw gains for DCM when the copter is in the air

changed camera output to be none scaled PWM

fixed bug where ground_temperature was unfiltered

shortened Baro startup time

added MA filter to PID - D term

decreased Nav_WP_ kI term

fixed issue with Nav_WP integrator not being reset

RTL no longer yaws towards home

Circle mode for flying a 10m circle around the point where it was engaged. - Not tested at all! Consider Circle mode as alpha.

Enclosed is where I'm at so far. This is fly

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  • please add "simple look away from home" mode.

  • I'd sugest "position hold" alone (without alt hold). I used a lot before an it is usefull to isolate problems like alt-hold.

  • Alt-hold in simple mode i would like to see a DEFINE for vs making that the default. While i use both modes the altitude management in alt-hold now is very whack.... meaning.. no precision over altitude when in alt-hold, i have to apply an awful lot of throttle to get alt to change and it normally changes allot.

  • I use the level reset facility when at the field by holding full right rudder with low throttle.  This works great but at ehe moment it is set to 30 seconds.  Could this be lowered to perhaps 15 or 20 seconds.  Keep up the good work.

  • Can someone please give a link to the 37 version?

  • i dont know if it is fixed by now or i did something wrong but in firmware 2.0.33, in CLI when i enter 'setup' i get the message "Warning, your radio is not yet configured, type 'radio' to configure it!" even when i already did it, ive even hovered a few times and did radio test and it seems to work fine.

    I dont know if it matters, but im only using a USB cable (without lipo plugged in) so my radio receiver is not being powered on while on the CLI.


  • I for one would enjoy Alt-Hold in Simple mode.  Please do!

  • 100KM

    My suggestions :

    1) On low battery, only let the copter go into RTL when in "automatic" modes. Maybe it's even better to let it land itself instead of trying to make it back with no juice left ?

    2) Blinking leds on low battery ?

    3) How does the rate approach work for slowing the copter down when approaching a waypoint ?  Mine still overshoots largely.  Should I just increase rate  P ?

  • Hi everybody,

    I have been testing 2.0.37 over the last few days. Stabilize and simple mode worked awesome. During Althold I noticed a few motor burst but it kept its altitude alright. I think the bursts were due to the wind. Loiter worked ok with default PIDs. it stayed within a radius of about 2 meters. This can probably be increased by tuning the PIDs.

    After all, I changed from 2.0.33 to 2.0.37 and noticed a big step toward overall stability. Thank you for doing such a great job.

    I think doing the imu and baro calibration during arming is a good idea. I didn't check if also done but setting the home location during first arm might be good as well, I have noticed that the first few fixes aren't that great.

    I didn't get around to check but was there an issue with alt hold in auto mode between to waypoints?


    Keep up the good work and thank you very much,


  • Is it posible to upload this versions also to the download section, because I allways upload it with arduino and not with the mc

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