2.0.38 help and suggestions

Working on the next revision. Here's what's coming:

- Moving imu and baro calibration to the arming sequence, anything else?

- Simple mode with alt hold?

- Tridge's max motor fix for Hexa's and Octa's

- A new Octa setup from Hein for better performance.


Please fire away with any suggestion or issues. Mostly looking for fixes and improvements to existing features so we can finalize this version of the code and move to the next generation.




What's done so far. 


todo move ground start to first arming

added ground start flag

moved throttle_integrator to 50hz loop

CAMERA_STABILIZER deprecated - now always on

renamed current logging bit mask to match APM

lowered NAV_LOITER_P to 1.0

increased NAV_LOITER_D to .6


moved some stuff out of ground start into system start where it belonged

Added slower Yaw gains for DCM when the copter is in the air

changed camera output to be none scaled PWM

fixed bug where ground_temperature was unfiltered

shortened Baro startup time

added MA filter to PID - D term

decreased Nav_WP_ kI term

fixed issue with Nav_WP integrator not being reset

RTL no longer yaws towards home

Circle mode for flying a 10m circle around the point where it was engaged. - Not tested at all! Consider Circle mode as alpha.

Enclosed is where I'm at so far. This is fly

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  • I think one minuet to sink 60 meters is too long if you are at the end of your batteries !!!

  • interesting. I need more info on GCS, can anybody refer it to me, thanks. still using toggle switches on RC

  • hi,


    it will be fun to have a mode "flip" :) or "roll"

  • Developer

    Could you guys take a stab at exactly how to implement alt hold changes? I mean specifically  % movement of stick, dead zones, how much to change target altitude, etc.

    Also We have 9 flight modes, and many more if we add more options. What would be the preferred way to mix flight modes or access them. Be specific with your suggestions, Thanks!


    Keep in mind many folks are using CH6 for camera control. And many folks don't have CH7 hooked up at all.

  • at version 2.0.37 beta, when you show the configuration, it read "batt Mointor", it should read "Monitor". I'm having difficulties connecting via USB (in fly mode). The leds either show all off, or red and green come steady on and I get a message "not receiveing heart beat signal from mavlink", in CLI mode it connects ok. I make reset after reset and nothing. COM port correctlly chosen, baud at 115200. If I connect via XBee, it connects OK. Don't know if anyone in this situation. Also, I would like a "noob mode" :) I'm kidding, but for those like me without any experience in RC aero control, it's becoming a bit frustrating to try to compensate the roll and pitch and try to hover as steady as possible. I'm still affraid to lift the copter more than a few inches from the ground. What mode would you recomend to start getting more familiar ?

  • Simple mode with alt hold would be great for AP. How about some variations on this to include a dedicated flight mode that could produce a rotation around a fixed waypoint at settable distance. And have models heading auto track that point.

    I have asked about this before but is it or is it not possible to create a super stable mode that uses the 110 deg/sec output from the IGD500. As camera moves that go beyond about 5 degrees per second are not much use then it should be easy enough to cage the models inputs to stay well short of gyro saturation. !!!! I did once modify an MK board with 67 deg/sec gyros to test the principle and it worked very well.  

  • would be interesting to be able to fly with posion hold on, it would be very safe and useful for aerial photography
  • One facility I always admired on the MikroKopter platform was "Chimney mode".

    This would allow you to set gps position hold and then shoot the heli in to the air to a great height without the worry of lateral drift.

    I have Hitec telemetry to my tx and I can monitor height easily but I always worry about the heli drifting.  Drift is less apparent the higher the heli climbs and at 500 ft or more it is hard to see the heli at all although great for AP.

    This would give us -



    Loiter (Loiter=Alt_Hold + Position Hold)

  • Developer

    I have an octa configuration. What will change with the octa setup in this revision? Thanks for the hard work!

  • Todays flight but on 2.0.37


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