2.0.39 Available

I see that .39 is up on the Planner, so is it good to go to test?  What are some things to look for in this beta?



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  • have the same problem like others here.

    Sonar = 137 no other value

  • ok so I took ome other advice and flew with a small 3 cell instead of my big 4 cell... and the problem is gone!? I have no idea why it does not like 4 cell?

  • ok thanks for the input. I am flying in stab. mode, (conflicting views about whether a mag in needed...) GPS is connected correctly.  Will try simple mode.

    Mag will only be here in a week :( no fun

  • Hi I am New to the ARDU :)

    Got up and running with the latest firmware. BUT... when I plug the GPS in I get a yaw glitch the spins the copter around 180 degree while in forward flight... Is this similar to the yaw issue being discussed?


    I am still waiting to get a MAG, could this cause this issue?





  • All of a sudden my sonar is working very well with the 2.039 version. Motors are no longer hunting and the altitude hold is smooth and rock solid.
  • i hope can setting servo gimbal on ROLL from AMP.

    revese and travel adjust servo not work, i just change from arduino :(

  • I too had the rolling horizon when connected with USB.

    I don't have Xbee on the quad, that is on the plank at the moment.

    Was VERY nervous on the first flight of the quad :-)

  • Just tested v39 available from the trunk.

    Flight seems quite stable (little windy at the moment).

    Sonar does not work. Getting 137 as value.

    Also leveling the quad with MP isen't possible. MP askes for the version 37.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Hi, is it .38 which is the current "stable version". (Just back from holliday and not very up to date).



  • Where are you finding 2.0.39?

    All I see here http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/downloads/list  is .38


    (pf course, by the time I write this, some clever person will have updated the download page and I'll look like an idiot.  Again.  :) )



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