• Yeah, I tried it too, and nothing. Looks like we need to wait for 3.2...

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      Yes, unfortunately this "leak" of parameter descriptions (which is where the list of available flight modes are held) into the ground station before the official version of the flight controller supports it is unavoidable at the moment because we don't have a separation of parameter documentation by release.  It's on the to-do list and we will get to it eventually.

  • Dont you mean Hybrid where its Loiter when off the sticks and althold when moving about ? Havent tried just yet, but im pretty sure it is.

    • Its not working in 3.1.4. MP can set but no use. 3.2-rc1 is released and you can test this mode but be carefully. Enjoy!
      • Just for curiousity sake (and also because I'm slightly crazy) I loaded up 3.2-rc1 and gave it a try. I set up one of the two stabilize modes to be Hybrid. When I switched to it, Andropilot said "unknown". Tell the truth, I couldn't really see any difference but then again, we have storm coming in and with the wind gusts I probably shouldn't have been flying it anyway. It was just bouncing around in the wind gusts trying to stay in one spot on loiter mode and drifted all over the place in the other modes.

        One question I haven't managed to find an answer to is what exactly is hybrid mode anyway? Not knowing what it's supposed to do I can't really tell if it's working.

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          Probably too simple but: Hybrid uses normal Loiter when stationary but changes to alt_hold while flying at some speed switching seamlessly between the two.

          • LOL! Well that might explain why it looked so much like Loiter mode to me. I couldn't really get it moving very fast in any one direction so it probably never switched modes.

    • I've tried it, but it doesn't seem to work.

      I have it set on flight mode 4. Select it, FPV/minimOSD screen shows loiter, and it behaves like normal loiter.

      Hooked up to MP now, if I select the switch combo for that mode it highlights it in green (Hybird), but the 'Current Mode' at the top shows loiter - as FPV screen did.

      Is this working for anyone else?

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