Is it possible to use the new 3DR 915 telemetry set, with SiK 2.x firmware, to allow two ground stations? For instance MP on PC and DroidPlanner on Android.



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no - and why would you do something like that ?

My Nexus is mounted on my Taranis and provides flight feedback and control as necessary.

My PC is much easier to use for configuration and log analysis.

I'm frequently having to disconnect one radio and hook up another, and to not forget to only have one running.

It would be nice to not have to do that.

If you decided that one device was only receiving data, you could rust disconnect a radio's TX pin (so it would not send anything) - and then see if you still were able to recieve using it.

AFAIK, there is no support in MAVlink for multiple GCS, but there is support for multiple UAV's - so I think what you ask is possible to do, but not implemented.

Any luck with this Brit?

Yes, I have it working 100%. A three-node network with node 0 being the aircraft, 1 and 2 are my telemetry and laptop. Pretty convenient...and I'd almost forgotten about it!

Hey Brit

Can i ask how you did this? I am currently trying the same thing but with the mission control as node 0 and two drones as 1 and 2.


Hi Adam,

I'm happy to share my setup, but I don't understand why you'd want two drones to be simultaneously connected to your GS. I'm not sure my setup would help you if this is your goal. Can you elaborate?


So you are using the 2.x on a HM-TPR module based radio?

Could you please make a mini how-to, or send the firmware file?

Does 2.x firmware need bootloader update on HM-TRP modules with 1.9 SiK currently installed?

I'd like to set plane or copter to 0, ground station and antenna tracker to 1 and 2.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Adrian,

Yes, it works just fine. It has been a long time since I set it up so I can't really do a mini-how to, but you can find the documentation on it. You will need to set AT registers manually to get it working, but it's not that hard once you read about it.

See the FW link at the bottom of this page.

Here's the firmware, everybody :)


Many thanks!

Does it good for HM-TP module too?

Or can you share the right for those too?

hi, i tried your 2.4 and the RFD 900 is not responding any more... not even the bootloader. Green light is alway on as if its connected to an other modem (and is not)

any clue?

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