• Hi. How can I compile the multi point SiK for 3DR 433 MHz modules?


    Jake Stew said:

    Here is the link to the firmware source...

    3DR 915 multipoint with SiK 2.x?
    Hello, Is it possible to use the new 3DR 915 telemetry set, with SiK 2.x firmware, to allow two ground stations? For instance MP on PC and DroidPlann…
  • Here is the link to the firmware source...

    Tools and firmware for the Si1000 - Si102x/3x. Contribute to RFDesign/SiK development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Hi Brit,

    This version seems to work with my 3dr-Telemetry Modules V1.0 on 433MHz.

    Only the android Software (Droidplaner, Droidplaner 2) seem to have problems if the PC is connected in parallel.

    It switches quickly between connected and not connected but it can control the copter.

    Do you happen to have a later (maybe further optimized) firmware version than v2.4?

    Thanks in advance

  • Here's the firmware, everybody :)

    MPSik V2.4

    • hi, i tried your 2.4 and the RFD 900 is not responding any more... not even the bootloader. Green light is alway on as if its connected to an other modem (and is not)

      any clue?

      • Bruno,

        Sorry you're having issues! That firmware is not mine, it comes directly from RFD. It worked for me, but it's been so long since I messed with it that I don't think I know any more than you do about how to recover or re-flash.

    • Many thanks!

      Does it good for HM-TP module too?

      Or can you share the right for those too?

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Dec 3, 2020