Hi guys,

I'm usually pretty patient but this is going on ridiculous. How on earth does anyone get hold of 3DR customer support besides trying to contact someone in upper management like Mr Tran or the CEO himself?

I don't live in the USA and I've been trying to call over the past 2 days to no avail. Is the phone line even connected? Even if I do eventually get through it gets cut off after a few rings. I wouldn't be so annoyed if it was a local call for me but calling international is a different story.

All I am trying to do is check on the status of my order which has been on backorder (even after I double checked that all the items I needed were in stock before purchasing as I needed them fairly quickly) as well as requesting for a few items be added to my exisitng order since it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

Really wish I didn't have to resort to posting this in order to get someones attention but no replies from support and a phone line that doesn't work half the time is far from the world class support that is advertised on the support page.

Hope someone from 3DR can contact me here to get things sorted out. Thanks in advance.


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  • the same happened to me. I asked about the availability of the product to Customer Service and they said that have in stock, so I placed my order. 3 days later I went online to the store to check status and nothing, I asked to Customer Service and they said that's on backorder, although they said was available.

    so now they split the order, they shipped the available items only. and maybe in 2 weeks they will send the backordered items

  • Hopefully this thread can help solve my problem.

    I ordered an IRIS, an X8, and an extra PixHawk over 2 MONTHS AGO.

    The IRIS arrived quickly, but the rest of the order is non-existent.

    And, the (US Govt) credit card has been charged for the items not shipped.

    I've made weekly queries, first by email and phone (until the phones stopped being answered entirely).

    Responses have always been Oh, we're sooooo sorry, we'll send it out tomorrow!

    Obviously there is a significant problem here.

    I'm worried the company is going the way of so many startups with great products but lousy business accumenb, and will suddenly vanish, along with whatever money they've been sent.

    Mr. Vu, can you help?

    Thank you.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Rusty,

      Can you send me your order number?  vu@3dr.com

      • Just sent.

        Looking forward to happy resolution of this problem.

    • Hi.

      Vu helped me with an other week ago, first now it's being shipped.  - Whatever is going on, they are trying to sort it out.

      This brings me to the main point:

      Do not worry about your money, or 3DR vanishing,  over the years I've seen, and experienced delays, and other issues like this, but they will always fix it in the end, it's not a scam or anything like that, just some problems we don't get enough information about to understand.

      So I hope you'll see your order being shipped soon as well.

  • I had an IRIS+ that didn't work at all right out of the box, brand new!

    3DR told me it would be a 1 day fix or straight replacement, and I should have a new one in a week. 

    It's been 11 WEEKS and still nothing, no emails and no calls, just me in the dark...waiting. I've had to initiate every conversation that ultimately ended with 3DR lying to me just to get me off the phone/email.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Luke,

      I just checked an your shipment is on it's way to you.  You should receive it today.  

      • The IRIS+ is back in my hands after a long, long, long, wait.  Still not sure if it's going to work right this time, we'll see soon, after I get back from vacation.

    • Sorry to hear about that Luke :(

      CS seems to be really hit and miss from my experience. I have managed to get one of my orders refunded and am trying to get an update on my second order cancellation and refund.

      11 weeks is a hell of a long time to wait :( Hope you get it sorted soon. This is only my 3rd week and I just want to get my last GPS order that I cancelled refunded so I don't have to keep chasing things up.

      • 3D Robotics

        Hi Aaron,

        I checked our records and GPS transaction was refunded a few days back.  It should appear in your account soon.  Sorry for the wait.

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