Hi guys,

I'm usually pretty patient but this is going on ridiculous. How on earth does anyone get hold of 3DR customer support besides trying to contact someone in upper management like Mr Tran or the CEO himself?

I don't live in the USA and I've been trying to call over the past 2 days to no avail. Is the phone line even connected? Even if I do eventually get through it gets cut off after a few rings. I wouldn't be so annoyed if it was a local call for me but calling international is a different story.

All I am trying to do is check on the status of my order which has been on backorder (even after I double checked that all the items I needed were in stock before purchasing as I needed them fairly quickly) as well as requesting for a few items be added to my exisitng order since it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

Really wish I didn't have to resort to posting this in order to get someones attention but no replies from support and a phone line that doesn't work half the time is far from the world class support that is advertised on the support page.

Hope someone from 3DR can contact me here to get things sorted out. Thanks in advance.


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        • Hi Vu, Thanks for the update, will keep an eye out for t

  • 3D Robotics

    Hi Bob,

    Let me check on that for you.

  • Shortly after you got the post to email hm, I emailed him as well, hoping to get help - no reply.

    I have not only an order, but a DOA Pixhawk I'd like to replace as well..

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Andre,

      Please check your email, I believe we have it resolved. 

      • Yes, you did :) thank you.
    • That sucks Andre :( Worst thing is a DOA product and no help at all. Sorry to hear mate and hope you get it sorted asap.

      Haven't had any replies or refunds after checking today and will give it until next Monday before I try and contact Vu or the other rep I am in contact with to check on the progress of my cancellation and refund. It's unfortunate but I have to say that it is on the list of one of my most frustrating ordeals, really just want to get to the bottom of it so I can move on.

      I'll post back here once I get an update.



      • 3D Robotics

        Hi Aaron, 

        Our last exchange ended with an addition of a GPS to your order.  Did something else change?  Let me contact you by email and see what else we can help you with.

        • Hi Vu,

          Haven't heard back from you since our last correspondence on Monday so just want to see if you got my emails and check on the status of my GPS refund.

          Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.



  • Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the update, for your info I too am waiting for my order to be cancelled and refunded but it seems to still be stuck at Backorder and Balance Due although my credit card has been charged.

    I haven't seen any refund's on my credit card either so I will give it another few days and get a follow up if nothing happens by the end of the week. They have already acknowledged that they have initiated the cancellation and will refund me whatever was charged so let's see how it goes.

    Will keep you guys posted on how I go.


  • 3D Robotics

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you!  Can you send me an email at Vu@3dr.com with your order number?  I'll get you squared away.  I'm sorry for all the turmoil you've been through.

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