3DR Power Module Limits

Hello all.My motors are rated 23A per motor and i have 4 so that is 92A combined of max continuous current, What happens if it spikes to 100A and is 92A able to work or is 90A the absolute maximum for this power module.Also i do know that i can adjust the throttle to only use 90% but my question still stands.

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    • Have you calibrated your sensors?

      I would suggest checking with a quality clamp meter on the battery positive cable.

      Double check the voltage on a multimeter.

    • 100KM

      WOW! What voltage?

  • I have (6) 750kv motors turning 11" props. I hover at 15 amps. If I firewall the bastard, it will reach 80-85 amps. But seriously, when are you EVER going to hit that power requirement in normal flight. Even flying around doing fast acrobatic stuff, you will NEVER be doing it at max power.
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    Thanks Dave. I haven't yet used the power module. So looks like I was right to order the high voltage version from hobby king.

    Just strange that they always quote max Amps but never max watts.

  • I'd be concerned with your cables and connectors as well.

    XT60 is only rated for 60A (IIRC), so you'll want at least XT90. And you'll want some pretty chunky cables too.

    But I very much doubt you'll ever get near to drawing 90A for prolonged periods. Maybe on a 6S rig, but you'll fry the power module (only rated for 4S) in under a minute if you do that anyway...

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      I'm using XT90s, creates a huge spark when connecting each time, pitting the connector. I'm seriously thinking of buying that solid state switch.

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    Sorry if I'm hijacking your thread David, but I have a similar question, however my current draw is only 50Amps, however it's 42 Volt.. nowhere do the specs ever mention volts, but I'm sure there's a reasonable limit. Am I safe with a 90Amps module?

  • yeah. i couldn't find any Turnigy 130A meters in stock anywhere so i will use the 3DR telemetry.
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