3DR Power Module Limits

Hello all.My motors are rated 23A per motor and i have 4 so that is 92A combined of max continuous current, What happens if it spikes to 100A and is 92A able to work or is 90A the absolute maximum for this power module.Also i do know that i can adjust the throttle to only use 90% but my question still stands.

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  • It is real shame we still do not have simple solution from 3DR which can measure around 200A/8S.

    • 100KM
      That's almost 7 kilowatt.. I don't think such a setup exists!
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        Any member who can afford a large current capacity 8S LiPo can afford to get some developer to create such a current sensing module:-)

        I presently use 8 gage wires to connect my 6S LiPos to my water cooled ESC that can handle 220 amps continuous and I use the ESC's data logger to get an idea of the current consumption when running over the boats speed range.

        I am more interested in the battery voltage than current consumption and that can be measured through any proportional voltage circuit.


        TCIII AVD

  • Hey guys.. I have the same question as David - 4 sites and not a definite answer. What happens if current goes over 90A? Will the module burn? Will it just not measure it?

    My Copter will consume 100A maximum I know this will happen not often. But it can.. So what to do? And is it correct that Pixhawk just measure 60A, regardless what Power module (ATto 180A e.g) I use?

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      The Pixhawk can only measure up to 60 amps with the 3DR Power Module.

      If the 90 amp current rating of the 3DR Power Module is exceeded, the current shunt resistor will probably overheat and burn open.

      However the Pixhawk can measure up to 180 amps when using an AttoPilot current sensor board by following these instructions Link 



      • Thank you very much. Ordered a ATTO now, even I think its way overpriced ;D

  • MR60

    To help on your question, we first need to know your config:

    -What is your total flying weight including batteries ?

    -What are your motor specs and prop specs ?

    -What are your batteries specs (number of S) ?

    Then I can estimate how much current you will consume at hover ~50% throttle (you will/should normally never fly at more than 80%)

  • Not a hijack here...

    So the APM power module shouldn't be used with voltages over 4S? I originally had this thing wired using a Buck Boost and AttoPilot according to this thread:


    As of right now, the thing flies fairly well and I haven't noticed any voltage problems with the APM power module and 2x 5S batteries in parallel...yet. Would it be a good idea to go back to the alternate wiring scheme?

  • Since my 10kg octa can draw 60A in hoover and can go to 150A+ in max,simple solution is;

    you connect 2 LiPo in parallel and connect Power Module (PM)just thru one....that way PM will take only half the current..MP will also show half but you can easy multiply that with 2 and be aware of that when checking logs...

    and BTW. Pixhawk can only measure 60A,and APM 90A....it does not depends only on module you get...

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