• I have had mixed results with the HK versions so made my own for the "ground end", using FT231XS chip (works better for me on Android that CP2102). Uses HM-TRP module (I already make modules for my airborne system.

    My frustrations are over ;)


    • I'm just trying to figure out why none of my radios are working properly. It's not as if I'm new at this; they should work.

      I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a higher end system. Question is, which one?

    • undefinedundefinedundefinedOK,the two pictures of accessory is radio telemetry of my design,I want to try! And I have already redesign the Unmanned aircraft controllers of PX4FMU !

  • For whatever reason, I cannot get any range from my telemetry radios. Two are 3DR, two are HK 500mw versions. They have the correct antennae.

    I used to fly missions from my desktop and place one radio in the window. The signal would stay very strong even 1/4 mile away. However, whether I changed settings or the radios are bad now, I can't get 50-100 ft out of them.

    It would sure be nice to have good telemetry signal again.

  • I've got some of the hobby king radios. They work great as long as you use SMA antennas, the 3DR radios are RP-SMA. I was wondering why I was getting such poor range from the radio when I changed an antenna and used the 3DR radio antenna.

    • Antenna  is very exquisite,it should be need to match!

  • 3D Robotics

    BTW, the telemetry radios haven't disappeared. They're just now being made by HobbyKing, with our blessings 


  • 3D Robotics

    You can open those files with Eagle. They include the schematic

  • MR60

    Would be very nice to have a nice quality build alternative to the disappeared 3DR telemetry modules.

    Ideally you'll design these modules with a good EMI shielding so it does not disturb other sensitive electronics in the surroundings.

    Also a good design will transmit and receive in the allocated spread spectrum range, without spurious emissions outside of it.

    In terms of connectors, it would be nice to keep both a microp usb (for firmware upgrades) and a UART/DF13 connector for connecting to the flight controller (Pixhawk style).

    And a possible choice for frequency bands (433Mhz for Europe, 915 for the rest of the world).

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