3DR Radio Telemetry Kit


Can some one please explain to me what is the difference between the Radio Telemetry Kit

from 3D robotics and the one from Hobbyking, in picture they look identical but the price difference is huge!

3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 915 Mhz (US)


FPV Radio Telemetry Kit - 915Mhz


Would the Hobbyking ones work with APM 2.6 or need modifications etc?



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  • I have a pair of clones from Deal Ex. The TX/RX connection is mislabeled backwards, a cruel joke. After a day of troubleshooting they seem to work fine. I had ordered from 3DR first but they never arrived so I have nothing to compare other then Xbees, which worked when they weren't bricked.

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    To Quote an earlier post by Morli 6 hours ago

    "HK is good for RC guys but you have to remember that HK downloads the eagle file and produces the board. So no R & D , design cost over heads and hence lower price. "
  • This is what I found and I just went through this with Hobbyking. I bought several different kinds from

    Hobbyking, and multiple amounts say 3 pair of each model. I had to go though 3 sets to get one pair to work.

    Then I ordered 3 sets from 3drobotics, and they worked right out of the box. Of course my order got messed

    up but when I got them I pulled one set out of the box and they worked first thing. Hence the price you

    pay for being impatient.

  • I got mine from hobbyking the 433 version and the range is 2meters max then i lose connection.

    Do you guys think i got the 2.4g antennas?

    I uploaded the inside of the antenna.


  •   The only big difference, i know is that (at least EU versions - 433M) from HobbyKing are coming with 2.4G antennas ;)

    About working with APM - it works, until gives a transparent serial connection (does not matters, is this a X-Bee, 3DR-radio or current-loop cable).  Yes, there is a good feature in the 3DR (and also clones, using/possible to use the same firmware) - link status report insertion into MAVlink.

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    The HK one is a clone, with any of the negatives and positives associated with clones. RCTimer has them too, I use one and it works fine (433MHz).

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