3DR Tarot T-2D Gimbal vs HK Tarot T-2D Gimbal

Hi all,

My question is simple, what is the difference between the 3DR Tarot T-2D Gimbal and the HK Tarot T-2D Gimbal?

HK sells is for 145$, while 3DR's is 220$... 

Is is a matter of loaded firmware?

I'm planning using one of them with a 3DR Iris+. Any thought on the matter will be welcome!

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  • Hey guys, any reason why i couldnt use this gimbal?  It is the HK Terot Gimbal Version 2.  Will it still work with my iris +?


    • You should have on problem. I got mine from Amazon...
      But be aware that the gimbal will not come with the Iris adapter plate. You will have 3 choices there:
      1. Buy it from 3DR @ 10$ + at least 30$ shipping.
      2. Buy on eBay from someone who 3D printed one for the same price.
      3. 3D print your own.

      I've got to replace the fake FTDI from my printer and then I might be able to offer them at a better price.
  • They are the same, just 3DR charges 50% extra. The 3DR pages even link to the same firmware and general info.

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