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Jean-Philippe replied to Jean-Philippe's discussion 3DR Tarot T-2D Gimbal vs HK Tarot T-2D Gimbal
"You should have on problem. I got mine from Amazon...
But be aware that the gimbal will not come with the Iris adapter plate. You will have 3 choices there:
1. Buy it from 3DR @ 10$ + at least 30$ shipping.
2. Buy on eBay from someone who 3D printed…"
Nov 23, 2014
Jean-Philippe posted a discussion
Hi all,My question is simple, what is the difference between the 3DR Tarot T-2D Gimbal and the HK Tarot T-2D Gimbal?HK sells is for 145$, while 3DR's is 220$... Is is a matter of loaded firmware?I'm planning using one of them with a 3DR Iris+. Any…
Oct 15, 2014
Jean-Philippe posted a blog post
Hi,These videos are a bit old, but I wanted to post them anyway. This is my first quadcopter. I had no experience at all in that. I'm more into airplanes than copter things.Anyway, here's a short description. I'm using 4 380W (1100kV) motors and…
Apr 9, 2013
Jean-Philippe commented on Wipo's blog post Gamepad throttle mode
"I'd recommand to use an exponential relation (such as on R/C controllers) between the value from the gamepad and the increment of the throttle. This way, more you push or pull, faster you'll reach the min or max.
You could end with something like…"
Apr 8, 2013
Jean-Philippe commented on tijuan aikens's blog post can ardupilot mega 2.0 handle the challange on a small nasa scale?
"I've always been wondering why NASA keep on designing fragile weird complicated rovers like the one on this picture... I guess the KISS principle wouldn't justify the billions spent.
They should send a Traxxas E-REVO and they wouldn't even need to…"
Aug 6, 2012
Jean-Philippe commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Scout UAV for sale now
"If anyone else thinks of powering the Hobbyking frame with 400W motors, make sure the motors are thight in place, that props are PERFECTLY balanced and don't go full throttle..."
Sep 14, 2011
Jean-Philippe posted a discussion
Hi, I'm looking for log files of different setup. I'm doing a project in a control system class where I'm analysind the behaviour of the airplane to model it. I mostly need the *.log file from the APM Planner, but you can also post you kml and kmz…
Apr 20, 2011
Jean-Philippe replied to Jean-Philippe's discussion Problem with IMU
"Here's a video. I'm just testing on my computer.
I already put the AOM in my plane once, just to record, and when I plot the log in google earth, and even there, the roll was inverted."
Apr 20, 2011
Jean-Philippe posted a discussion
I've tried all the available versions of the code and the roll is always inverted. When I turn right, for exemple, the log file and the ground station show that I'm turning left. Is there a special configuration I have to do to invert the roll? Note…
Apr 19, 2011