I have received the following email from 3DRobotics last night, my Iris quadocopter was already in France, at Fedex office for a delivery at home on monday. 3DRobotics say they cancel my order and will refund me, rhis mean they will ask Fedex to send back to product to the US, why such a decision for all customers ? Why cancelling a shipement when the parcel is nearly at your home ?

Here is the email I have received from 3DR


Thanks for your order with 3DR. We're writing to let you know that, due to a temporary change in our shipping policies, we're unable to ship orders outside of the US and Canada. We'll be cancelling and refunding your order immediately. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, and we'll let you know when we can resume shipments to your country.

If you have any questions or would like to make modifications to your order, write to us at help@3drobotics.com or call our support line at +1 (858) 225-1414, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST.


The 3DR Team
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    • BS....for sure they learned something but Its impossible to copy that so fast,i think I read somewhere this was just a false show off aimed to make somebody blood pressure high...why they didn't fly with it, just photos...

      • in case you people in USA are not aware of a fact that normal people live and work in Iran,and for sure this wont stop them.... do I see DJI on this multi?


      • You think possibly the Iranians got a hold of a Pixhawk and put it in??? I can see where the "export ban" is coming from.

        • Why order from US when there are plenty of chinese clones out there. Guess who a export ban would help.

        • It could just be a cardboard model, doesnt mean it actually flies, if it did they would be showing that.

  • The issue is probably the State Department's oversight/permit of "export of sensitive technology" to certain countries or foreign entities. Certain items require an export license, or are prohibited.

    • MR60

      What is the definition of "export of sensitive tech" ? Especially in this context where 3DR did not develop any technology; it is just an assembler of pre-existing technology from overseas (not developped in the US) : APM hardware is coming from Arduino/Europe. So is Pixhawk (from Switzerland). APM opensource software is developed all over the world by various developpers, the most pro eminent ones being from Australia and Japan.

      This is US ego & paranoia at its best.

      Maybe we should ask the EU to ban all of this technology to enter the US ? 

    • My WAS:

      The US Govt has historically used "Off-the-shelf components" to build many of their UAV designs; I wonder if ArduPilot (as a platform) has become one of those components, and there is now felt a need to regulate it?

      Alternatively, it could be a simple case of parallel development. There are a bunch of smart folks in this arena; it may have happened that, and just now come to someone's attention that, some of the feature-set in the platform mirrors stuph that is considered classified.

      Just a thought.


      "That's right, dumb***; you made it TOO good. Now we have to take it away from you."

      • it looks to me that is  exact case, if you read this thread, at some point member Hotel.... write down what is the problem,military wing of 3DR...

        3DR probably sold technology to some military company for milions of $$ and they don't want us to know that, and now, military company do not want  to share any more...

        All this is ridiculous when we know that some of USA jet fighters have some very delicate components inside witch are ordered by the contractors directly from China because they are much cheaper...USA readers will know more about it since I read it as a small text in newspaper...

        Since I live in a country where freedom of speech is not banned yet I will repeat name of the company deleted....


        Also maybe that explains why some people was so upset with exact clone from other manufactory...

        Sorry 3DR this is speculation you get where is no explanation...

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