• I would like to request a fix: If ArduCopter senses a motor stall, then the AutoTune should automatically abort.  Why would I request such a feature?  I'm glad you asked.....

  • Hi guys,

    A friend of mine tried the APM for the first time and used autotune. During the tuning process he crashed. I was not there, but by looking at the logs I notice a few things.

    The first axes (roll) went fine, then it switched to the second axis (pitch) and at the end of the first step something happens. I notice a large throttle-out and a peak in the yaw. I also notice the pitch-in is only in 1 direction but that could be a balance issue. Here are some of the graphs ive put together. The last chart are the autotune steps and axis. The logs are also in the attachment.

    Hopefully you guys know what happened.




    2014-01-05 15-19.log

    2014-01-05 15-19.kmz

    2014-01-05 15-19.log.gpx

  • Just a quick note to the devs to express my appreciation for the work you have done.

    Yesterday, I disabled the GPS and fence failsafes on my Stock Arucopter Y6, and at our indoor arena did 3 autotunes in a row (just for kicks. LOL)

    The autotune completed without a problem , and the copter flew ever so smooth afterwards. Unfortunately I could not remember how to save the new values, so I was not sure if it had or not, so this morning I re-did the AT outside in the parking lot, this time saving the values as per the Wiki.

    Flew around a bit, and even now that the wind has come up, I cannot tell you how much confidence the handling instill now.

    Gret Job!

    Arducopter Y-6 post-AutoTune Standard Pids :

    3692920772?profile=originalGoing out now to loiter in the wind... will keep you updated!

  • I upgraded my 3DR Y6 to 3.1, did an autotune.  All went well.  Decided to implement the new Frame 10 conversion, and after completing that, gave it a short test flight.  It responded appropriately to stick input, however, although a calm day, in Stabilize, it would tend to fly backwards towards the black arm, which of course has different props now.  I physically checked CG before the flight, and it was centered.

    Should I redo the autotune now that I am using Frame 10?



  • I had a successful autotune,however it seamed to fly the same to me, and I forgot to do the print screen before and after. I downloaded the logs to see if I could see any changes, but saw none, so I decided to redo it. I had a crash, twice actually. It over rotated on the second or third roll input The first time no major damage, so I lifted off to try again. Did the same thing but this time broke a few props. Do I have the symptom of the ESC not keeping up? Should I be worried, as long as I don't try autotune again?

    Large Octocopter, running2 parallel 6S 8000 MAH packs. Gimbal removed.

    Log attached

    Thank You for the help

    2014-01-06 18-48 97.log
  • Hi guys, 

    I had tried autotune a couple of months ago with a much larger battery than i intend to fly this copter with, and couldnt get it to finish. I now have the battery that i intend to fly with, and i am having the same issue. autotune will initiate, but then stop some time in, and wont re start. I have to land, dsarm, re-arm, and start again. the one time it seemed to complete (did both roll and pitch), but the PIDs dont feel any different. I attached the code here after attempting to read it myself, but i cant make heads or tails of the autotune log entries. 

    i can see the angle and rate, but are the current PIDs and new PIDs logged as they change? where is that in the log?

    2014-01-05 13-02-41 2.log
  • Auto-tuned my 3DR X8 this morning. There was a light but steady wind (maybe 2 mph), so I needed to keep bringing it back to center, but it worked exactly as advertised.

    I landed, disarmed and flipped back to normal mode, then took off again.

    If my finger twitches, the X8 twitches. Very responsive. Didn't have a lot of battery left, did a quick loiter, and held solid as usual.

    I was just testing the auto-tune feature....

    Right after I brought her in I swapped out the APM2.6 for a Pixhawk, only took about 3 hrs.

    Now I'll have to do the autotune all over!! Oh well, it was fun. I guess I could copy the PID params, but I hadn't saved the params to a file... so later I connected to the APM2.6 and did a screen shot. It's funny though, the P and I terms are identical for each of the roll pitch and yaw PIDs, Image included. So don't know what's going on there. It flew well. I don't know if these represent what flew since I read them from the APM2.6 once it was removed... but that shouldn't have effected anything.


  • Moderator

    I tried Autotune a few weeks ago, but I went back to my own preferred settings (no reflection on a great feature!).

    A few days ago I flew and noticed a change in behavior, so I checked my PID's and noticed Roll/Pitch had reverted to the Autotune values by itself, very strange!

    Is there anyway that this could have happened or to prevent it in the future?


    Dear all,

    I'm flying a tricopter with APM 2.5, external magnetometer, Software 3.1 stable (which I loaded up two days ago).

    After the update I did an erase and a reset, so I had to dial in a few values again. (Reverse the tail servo f.e., which I had forgotten of course ;-))

    The copter flies fine with the standard settings, with only slow oscillations in loiter mode, no TBE.

    I then tried the autotune procedure.

    Is there an issue that could interrupt the Auto Tune procedure?

    It started up fine but somehow stopped after approx. 4 mins.

    I could never invoke the autotune again. My Channel 7 switch goes clearly up to PWM 1903.

    I have no idea how to proceed.

    What could I possibly have done wrong?

    Would my attached log file help? BTW: Which logs have to be enabled for it?

    THNX in advande for your support.



  • Autotune crashed my Octocopter!

    I flew between 4-6m, engaged autotune and everything worked as it should. When doing the roll stabilization, there was one maneuvre which let my copter roll way too much, drop to only 0.5m above ground when it luckily stabilized itself again. Unluckily, when switching to pitch there was that maneuvre again (a pitch of about 60°?) and my copter dropped like a stone from 6 meters to the ground, the drop was so fast he never had a chance to stabilize itself. 

    My Octocopter is of medium size, weight with batteries about 3.5kg. The log-file is included. I marked the spots where there were those "drops" due to a way too large angle of the copter... 3692910165?profile=original

    2014-01-02 15-13.log

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