• Georges, Leonard,

            Thanks A TON for your help.

            I will follow your advice Robert, see if something goes wrong and let you know.

            (If it does, I'm on the market for new 30A ESCs, since motors are almost new and Afro can have issues - which I thought had never experienced with my 2216 900kv motors - any idea welcome

            And I'll read the wiki pages related to logs in depth. 

            Thank you guys.



            • Well if it *does* fail my suggested test that would be great news and you might be able to adjust the ESC modules (mine are programmable by toggling the throttle and listening to the crazy beep patterns.  Or you might want to get new ones.  But if it does *not* fail my test then you are back to square one and need to check that maybe the prop is slipping on the shaft (the torque from these motors can be impressive - combined with vibrations prop might slip) or bad wiring somewhere in the path (could be even inside the apm! - push and pull on the apm case, especially the 2 wires running from apm to esc - push and pull on that while motors are spinning (maybe remove props first!)).

              • Thank you so much Robert.

                I'm afraid I'm back to square one.

                Did connect that esc directly to a receiver throttle up/down quickly, stopped half way...

                "Unfortunately" it reacted perfectly to the inputs and didn't stall.

                I'm not sure about a weak wire or connection but I'll try to push/pull these.

                Prop slipping may be a lead to follow.

                There's a way to update the afro escs and I have the USB tool.

                I may try that too.

                Hope I can confidently fly again soon :)

        • Developer

          Hi Mathieu,

          I think the autotune test only comes up good if the autotune is done and tested in that flight.

          Yes, that is motor 3.

          If you find that when you use the default pids you don't see a problem it probably means you had a sync problem or a noise interference problem on your number 3 caused by the more aggressive pids created by autotune.

          In the logs there is an RCout in the latest release but I think it may have been called something different in earlier releases.

          There is a pretty good description of all the logs in the wiki I think.

          Good luck and let me know if I can help any further.

  • Hello everyone,

    I really need your help to understand what went wrong this morning after I performed an Autotune.

    I have been using the standard PID settings and was pretty happy with them.

    Even started to feel confident :)

    Today, I decided it was time to Autotune.

    The log (2015-05-31 09-00-12.bin) file is attached. I hope there is enough information inside.

    - Started in Stabilize, change to AltHold and flicked the Autotune switch programmed on Ch8

    The "dance" didn't start.

    - Flew a bit more in althold, landed, started again, little loiter, PosHold, flicked autotune switch again with no luck.

    - New attempt to engage Autotune and Hurray! Copter started its dance.

    Everything went well. It did roll, then pitch and I landed (a bit hard).

    - I disarmed the FC (yaw left) with Autotune switch still up.

    I was happy... until I took off again...

    (next log is attached: 2015-05-31 09-16-44.bin)

    - Changed battery and took off in stabilize. 

    It flew fine for a couple of seconds and then started to plunge on the right and crashed.

    - Tried again and it did exactly the same.

    - Every next attempt ended the exact same way: crash. 

    And I broke my gimbal arm on the last attempt.

    I even later tried to rerun Autotune and it crashed the same .

    Please can anyone help me interpret the logs attached and understand how to fix the problem?

    Here is a screenshot of the PIDs I ended with.

    Any inconsistencies?



    My setup:

    TBS Discovery


    Afro ESCs 30A (nevera had a probleme with them)

    Flyduino 2216 900KV

    3DR GPS + Compass

    Telemetry (868 MHz)

    EzUHF Rx

    Thanks A LOT!


    P.S.: I have 2 other logs from this morning that I can post if needed 

    2015-05-31 09-00-12.bin

    2015-05-31 09-16-44.bin

    2015-05-31 09-19-03.bin

  • Hi Guys, 

    I'm a little late to the party but I hope I can still get some help on why my quad crashed twice during autotune. I attached the log files but I'm still learning how to use Mission Planner. 

    A little background, I completed autotune fine with 10" props and everything worked well. I had multiple flights after tuning with no issues. I even dropped quickly from altitude and transitioned to full throttle with no issues of the quad stabilizing.

    Then, I changed the props to 12" for more thrust and started autotune and the quad did rolls of death into the ground twice after only completed a few tuning cycles.

    The motor and prop combo should work well together since they are both DYS products and within rated specs. Motors are DYS 3608 630KV. ESC's are DYS 40A running some version of SimonK. Battery is 6S 5800mAh and the APM 2.6 is powered by an APM power module. The quad is a 450mm weighing 1.9kg and the prop data shows it should make slightly over 2kg of thrust per motor or 8kg for the quad. Is autotune sensitive to too much thrust?



    2015-04-08 19-10-01.log

    2015-04-09 16-55-43.log

    • Developer

      Hi Nicholas,

      Autotune assumes you have a stable tune to start with. You should do a manual tune on the 12 inch props and make sure you can't flip it in stabilize by bashing the sticks around.

      Sorry to hear about your crash!!

      • Hi Leonard, 

        I did a cogging test with 12" props and the quadcopter bolted to a weighted down tripod. Turns out there are two hardware issues. The first issue was that one of the motors had a loose stator that would rotate until the wires stopped it. Probably the result of the crashes and not the root cause. The second issue was 1 motor (different motor from the 1st issue) was losing sync with the esc at rapid low throttle on and off. Sometimes the sync loss was bad enough to result in the motor stopping completely with the esc beeping rapidly. This is most likely the root cause of the crashes. I purchased some new esc's which don't run simonk (Hobbywing XRotor 40A) and hopefully this will fix the sync issue. Thanks!  

        Note:; the sync issue only shows up with the propellers on. Running the cogging test without propellers showed no issues. 

        • Developer

          Hi Nicholas,

          Congratulations for finding your problem. Let us know how the tune goes when you get it back in the air!!

  • Hi folks,

    Today I crashed my TBS Discovery with AerialMob arms (400Kv motors and 15x5 props) during an autotune session. The roll tuning session was fine, but after 3 or 4 pitch changes it started oscillating without control, turned upside down and crashed. To me it was clear that autotune over-corrected its induced oscillations, leading to the crash. Some important information:
    - The quad was a little sluggish with its pre-autotune PID settings, but pretty flyable.

    -Prior to the crash, I did some extensive fast-throttling tests, simulating autotune behavior in order to rule out any ESC sync issues, so I don´t think this crash is related to sync issues.
    - I had this same issue with auto-tune before, but at that time I was able to regain control. 

    Could you guys help me figuring out what happened? I`m including the log file.

    Thanks in advance.

    1980-01-05 21-59-44.log
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