• I read that the S.port runs at 3.3V. I recently put a multimeter across the pos and neg leads an got 5.26V. Why the discrepancy?
    • It's the signal thats 3.3V

  • awesome!!   nice work!


    would you explain what teensy 3.1 is  or give me a link ?



  • Hi Peter, I tried this but I cant get any HDOP value in my Taranis.

    Could you attach the working file.

    Thanks in advance/Goran

  • I'm interested in connecting an EagleTree GPS to the Teensy3.1, and Sport. I'm also a noob to C++ coding. I've got 40 years in programming on mainframes in a dozen languages, so the learning curve isn't that steep. I was just hoping that Rolf might be able to give me a head-start using the Mavlink to FrSky library. Do you have any GPS code I could start with, or possibly a good place to start?

  • Hi Francis,

    this does not compile for me. The compiler complains that there is no ) before a numeric constant. Is there a '<<' missing in between temp and 20?

    Could you maybe post your patched files?

  • Rolf

    How are you progressing with the CPPM output.

    I started a thread over at Teensy forum asking about decoding and encoding PPM streams. Paul Stoffregen jumped in and has started a library to do just that. Maybe just what you want to get that part going, worth a look at least He has written a bit about it here

    The original thread i started is here

    Hope it is of some help to you.


    • The PPM encoding is easy... the problem is with using 3 serial ports ( Mavlink, S.Port and S.Bus ) at the same time and not  having timing problems with the PPM data.


      • have a look at his code i think you will be surprised.

        Quote from him

        PulsePosition is designed for 0.02 µs accuracy (approx 24X better than most Arduino implementations using AVR Timer1) with tolerance for significant interrupt latency caused by other libraries. All output waveforms are generated by hardware timer compare and all input waveforms are read using hardware timer input capture, for extremely precise timing. Pin change interrupts, which add error due to interrupt latency, are never used.

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