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Marcel posted a discussion
Hello,I am trying to connect my old 3DR MediaTek MT3329 GPS V2.0 to the auav x2 for testing purposes, however I cannot seem to find the right cabling.Is there a description of the pinout of the 6-pin cable somewhere? I could not find it…
Sep 1, 2015
Marcel replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Hi Francis,

this does not compile for me. The compiler complains that there is no ) before a numeric constant. Is there a '<<' missing in between temp and 20?
Could you maybe post your patched files?"
Mar 7, 2014
Marcel commented on Bill Bonney's blog post Announcing APM Planner 2.0 RC1 -- the cross-platform GCS for Mac, Windows and Linux
"when trying to compile on ubuntu, I receive the following error in Qt Creator after hitting the green arrow:
:-1: error: Unknown module(s) in QT: serialport multimedia declarative webkit svg

I followed the steps in the instructions.
Does anyone…"
Jan 5, 2014
Marcel replied to Marcel's discussion APM 2.5 RTL aileron &amp; rudder random movement in ArduPlane User Group
"Here's the video link:

Jun 16, 2013
Marcel posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
Hi, I am seeking advice on some strange behavior.After configuring the APM 2.5 Board to my bixler, the manual and stabilize mode seem to be fine.But when I start RTL mode on the ground for testing purposes, the ailerons start jumping around for…
Jun 16, 2013
Marcel posted a discussion
Hi,after my 3rd attempt to fly with the APM 2.0 the plane was pretty stable in stabilize mode, but when I changed to RTL mode, the plane went straight into the ground.The bixler got smashed, and the GPS module broke off. Fortunately I was able to…
Jul 15, 2012
Marcel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Announcing ArduCopter, the merger of the ArduPilot and AeroQuad projects!
"When will the "package" be available on DIYDrones store?"
Aug 17, 2010
Marcel posted a discussion
Can I use the ardupilot board only with an electric plane, or is it also possible to use it with a nitro plane, including thrust control?Thanks to the experts out there.Marcel
May 1, 2010
Marcel posted a discussion
Hi, while reading through the forum and documentation, it seems that the current ardupilot code is intended for electric planes only. Does anybody have experiences with equipping a nitro plane? What needs to be changed in the code? I'm trying to…
Nov 25, 2009