• You can't go back in versions. Lua scripts are quite recent.

          I'm trying to help Andre (projectkksglider) debugging their audio issue (the audio issue is not the problem, is a symptom of a file transfer problem) and I've tried more recent builds and still my radio rebooted on non reproducible situations.

          The issue you reported is time dependent ?? If so an easy solution would be that when possible (landed) you could switch the radio off and on. Unless you have more flight time than the time interval the bug appears..... :)

          • ok, thx.

            the switch problem is not my main problem here. it is more that i do not trust my taranis in moment. i also noticed that my apm switches randomly to rtl. last week on first testflight with my new taranis, i crash into a tree because rtl failsave was triggered from my throttle failsave settings. imo, this only can happens if receiver lost connection to transmitter. but i was only a few meters behind my hexa??. i never noticed an reboot on my taranis. did i maybe miss something. what happens on an reboot. how many time need the reboot? if it happens in a few ms, i maybe do not notice this reboots.


            • ok. we're on the same "boat" :)

              I decided recently to move my hexa to 3.2 RC14 and don't have enough flight time with it yet, but fortunately hadn't any issues while flying.

              The reboot is simple and very fast. The only symptom is that by design OpenTX disables SD card access but we get control very very fast.

              If your controller changes to RTL, I would suggest to check the flight controller logs before anything else. And what are your settings on the FrSky receiver for failsafe ??

              Please check the failsafe parameters on the Flight Controller. There are several and we must be careful with how they're set. Also we must configure the receiver failsafe correctly, otherwise problems will surely come to bite us :). Oh and watch out for geo fence problems. If the GPS on the flight controller is not correctly initialized you bet that you'll have BIG problems....

              So at the moment the least of my concerns is the Taranis.



              As I didn't have enough issues on my plate, today I decided to change my gimbal controller.....  :) :)

  • An other feature request:

    RPM (revolution speed) sensor RPMS-01


    • Hello MBR !

      Now I have receive my pixhawk and I have an arduino nano and also an arduino pro mini.

      I'm lost in all versions of this project : but it seems that the teensy version is the more up to date with opentx capabilities ?

      Can you explain me wich files you modify to port the teensy version toward arduino nano ?

      I would use the last version from Luis or Chris on an Arduino nano.

      Thanks !


  • hi luis,

    i do some work on the single-cell-lipo fork.

    i increase analogRead  to 13bit. available on teensy3.1. this give more precision in voltage measuring. 

    i add autodetection of cells theoretical usable for 12s lipos. currently i can not test 12s because my resistor network only have 6 inputs.

    auto detection for lipo monitor works correctly if a resistor network is connected to teensy3.1 A0-A(n).

    i add to lua telemetry script some info sounds.

     * play info level of min cell.  this happens if cell-min voltage decrease  0.1 volts.

     * play warn level each 4 seconds if cell-min reach 3.5 volts

     * play critical level each 4 seconds if cell-min reach 3.4 volts

    also i add (but only for me because i think you already work on it) play apm messages for example (compas is not healthy).

    i found a lot of MSG??.wav files in SOUNDS/en. i think you create them. this is why i add a minimal test implementation to play this files.

    two questions:

    first, did somebody actually work on the apm_status_message implementation( lvale/MavLink_FrSkySPort )?

    second, is it possible to create user configurable input vars in telemetry scrips? i found this nice function in model scrips. but not in telemetry scrips.

    i will make cell-min warn level, cell-min critical level and cell-min info level user configurable.



    • Hi Wolke

      Great progress on the cells issue.

      The MSGx.wav files I created to be used by Christian and me (or anyone else that wishes to) and are a direct implementation of most (almost all) the messages that the current APM code reports. There are some exceptions where variables are also used on the message that are not easy to parse correctly. Even so, there are 100+ messages :).

      I haven't been pursuing the reporting of the messages, although everything is in place to do it, because I haven't found a good way to do it easily and that won't make the radio crash the Lua scripting, because we are on the limits of what can be done. I already had working code on the simulator but would not run on the radio due to memory issues.

      Christian has a different structure of the scripts and one of his scripts is only dedicated to the errors.

      No user inputs available on telemetry scripts, but you can have a model script that could collect the data from the user and then the telemetry script use that Global Variable.

      I personally prefer to not have a mix of model and telemetry scripts with interdependences between them. Christian has gone that way, and had to develop additional checks on the code to determine if the model scripts are in place and of the correct version.

      For your purpose I would create a reasonable value defined on the beginning of the script and a comment on the script telling the user what the parameters are for and that they are adjustable.

      btw: 4 seconds delay between messages??? If you accept a suggestion make that time based depending on the rate of decay. i.e.. if the voltage drops by 0.1v in less than 1 minute then warn.

      • Hi luis

            First let me say thanks for all the work you are puting in

        I have downloaded  your ula scripts for taranis and have a teensy mavlink to frsky converter

        and it works very well    ...... except for pitch and roll on A3 /A4 i have traced the signal back to the teensy

        by inserting fixed numbers (int32_t ap_pitch_angle = 7; in to the sketch ,these then are displayed correctly

        but do not change

        so i assume the error is in the arduno sketch or librarys ?


        Tim Painter

        • Sorry, but can't trace the error you're having. From my hexa, and others that have used this script and the Teensy code, roll and pitch are correct.

          There's a provision on the code that runs on Teensy to debug the values collected, and I suggest that would be a good place to start.

          Uncomment this line

          //#define DEBUG_ATTITUDE

          • Hi Luis

                Thanks for the advise

            on #define DEBUG_ATTITUDE no comport output

            after moving  debug_attitude out of the switch case select

            debug reports pitch and roll =0

              in the     "switch(msg.msgid) "  

               case MAVLINK_MSG_ID_ATTITUDE:     //30

            is never selected therefor no output to Sport  (and no attitude_debug )

            any ideas??



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