• LoL, no

                  all the code developed to "decode" Mavlink can be used on both platforms, and the Lua scripts would be the same.

                  Something else that will significantly influence the current libraries and scripts are the newer SensorID's that could be used, instead of reusing inappropriate sensorID's like RPM and Temp...

  • Does someone has experience with the X4RSB receiver?

    Today I tried the X4RSB at the first look, all data ok except of the HDOP.  The A2 (HDOP) varies between 80 (which show in the lua script 0,8) and 840. Actual the real HDOP is 0.8. So for me it looks like that there is is digit or rounding error.

    Does someone has a clue how I can solve that problem?

  • Hi guys, just about to implement this myself. I will be putting together the resistor  network tonight for cell monitoring. I didn't have exactly the right resistors so calced new values for the teensy program, the divisor numbers.

    not sure if it will work but will try. I've attached my excel spreadsheet so you can alter resistor values and hopefully get the right divisor number for the program code.

    teensy mavlink calcs.xlsx

    • Why don't you buy a Frsky FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor With Smart Port and connect it in serie with the Teensy on the S Port.
      That way you don't have to do anything execpt disable it when compiling the Teensy code. It is even possible to use two of them if you have dual battery.

  • Where can i find a "working" configuration  file? , compatible with wolk lua script, of course i know i will need then to modify and adapt for my setup, im using a pixhawk, hexa, thanks

  • Hi Wolk, when compiling wolkes code , i receive the following message.

    var/folders/s5/4rjcd2z95pq6k_lc2cyrynhm0000gp/T/build235785097193460277.tmp/GCS_MAVLink/GCS_MAVLink.cpp.o:(.data.mavlink_system+0x0): multiple definition of `mavlink_system'
    /var/folders/s5/4rjcd2z95pq6k_lc2cyrynhm0000gp/T/build235785097193460277.tmp/MavLink_FrSkySPort.cpp.o:(.data.mavlink_system+0x0): first defined here
    /Applications/ Disabling relaxation: it will not work with multiple definitions
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Error compiling.

    Any ideas what may be wrong in my configuration?

    • ok, that is some kind of config problem n my mac , in windows it compiles ok, now lets see if it works fine ..

  • Hi Rolf:

    still fighting with all telemetry slots full message

    first was on a quad, so I started working on my hex, the exact same thing happens,

    plug the Teensy in X8r and the message comes up on the tranis,

    I was watching the telemetry screen just after plugging the teensy in the receiver, it was collection lots of information in the until the massage comes up  if I delete some of the sensors for the screen and plug the teensy back the system just puts them back in,

    there are a few temps and doubles of some sensors, it is almost who ever did the radio firmware forgot to clean out their telemetry before uploading to the site, this makes 2 with the same message, thank you, Tj
  • i  have tested going farther away, but nothing changed,so it seams that it is not signal "saturation".

    the symptoms are that altitud goes to a negative value aprox -4600, all other readings on the main panel, 0 .

    and after a while the pixhawk buzzer starts beeping aloud , 6 bips short pause 6 bips, and never stops until disconnected ( im using for testing a 3s battery on a 5s hexacopter , while testing the hardware disarmed)

    any thoughts? on how to debug what may be going on ?

    • ok with the biping, it is low battery indication , so  this is not the problem.

      the how to debug , is the next step .

      i see on the code that there are serial messages over the usb, so can i connect usb to my computer at the same time the teensy is running the code and communicating with the pixhawk?

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