• Kirill,

    Sounds like it is an issue with the stream rates. Can I please clarify - you mention you have a Y cable connecting into Telem1 port, and you have the teensy (rx only) connected to one side of the Y connector - can I assume you have a telemetry radio connected to the other side of the Y connector to which you connect mission planner?

    If this is correct, then when starting mission planner, MP itself will control/overwrite the stream rates in ardupilot for the telem1 port (SR1_ parameters) - there is mention of this in the wiki. You can however configure mission planner to set specific stream rates - in MP, access the Config/Tuning tab (icon at top), Planner (from list on left). See the telemetry rates line on the Planner config page below:


    As regards the messages - they are not a part of any of the telemetry streams - they are broadcast over mavlink when any message is generated by AP, so these should not be affected in any way by the SR1_ values. Saying this, if the SR1_ values are high for all the different telem streams, then it tends to put out so much data on the telemetry port that sometimes the status messages get corrupted on that second telemetry screen - to be honest, this screen is quite experimental, and most often the messages get corrupted anyway. I am working on improving the voice messages, which are often easier to use than text based ones when you are trying to concentrate on flying.

    I would also suggest you check the configuration of the MSG sensor on your model's telemetry screen in OpenTx. Make sure you renamed the original Fuel sensor on instance 9 to MSG (as per instructions in the wiki here:

    Good luck and let us know how you get on, Paul

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  • Hi there,
    Sorry, may be it was already answered before but I can't find any info about my issue:

    I can't receive audio alerts/messages and second telemetry screen ( SEND_STATUS_TEXT_MESSAGE ) stays empty until I get connected MissionPlanner via 3DR modem. Right after that, everything works well.

    Teensy connected only with RX to telemetry1 port with Y-cable.

    OpenTX 2.1.9

    Arducopter 3.4

    SR parameters:


    I tried to change SR to recommended but have no luck - after reboot they became as shown above.

    Please help me, how to make that working - audio notifications without connecting Mission Planner every time.

    Regards, Kirill

  • Hi Paul!

    I've tested the new Mav_Sport2.1-2.2-master. Works perfect for me.
    I love the new feature where I can setup my battery.

    Thanks a lot for your work!!!

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  • Fnoop, Do you mean 2.1.18? The latest version (2.0) of the Teensy project (wish we had a proper name for this project) is only for OpenTx 2.1.7 and newer. The OpenTx 2.0 version is in the Clooney82 repo, which I haven't ever really looked at - so doesn't include any of the newer text message code. If you are not yet running OTx 2.1 I would recommend it.

    The verbal text messages currently only cover the array of messages produced by v3.3 (or 3.2) of Arducopter (so many newer ones are missing (I plan to fix this).

    The nerdy stuff: actually I checked how the message code was created (I should say 'generated') in this Teensy project - it uses a shell script which goes through a downloaded ardupilot repo (the current teensy code has message files which were generated from both copter 3.2 and 3.3 repos) and scans through every single file in the repo looking and extracting lines which contain any status message - if you look at how the Ardupilot repo is organised - the 'master' repo contains all the code from copter, plane, rover, antenna tracker etc - so all platform types, and when the AP guys decide to release a new version of one of these platforms - say Copter 3.3 in this case, it creates the 'version' page, release notes etc with attached zip file (and tarball) which contains a packaged snapshot of the entire 'master' repo at the time this 'version' was created. So, in a nutshell, when you download a specific 'version' zip file from github, it contains the code for all the different platforms, not just copter from that moment they created that 'version'. So what I presumed was just the copter 3.3 messages in this Teensy project (and corresponding wav files installed on the Taranis), is actually messages from all AP platforms at the specific time that copter 3.3 was released - so its good for plane, rover etc also. I hope that all makes sense.

    What I want to do is instead of having the project provide different message file versions (and forcing the user to choose which one they want to use at setup time), is to have one big consolidated message file which covers messages from all versions of AP from 3.2 and newer (the memory allowance in teensy certainly should be able to handle this, as can the FrSky Tmp2 sensor - which is used to send the message number down to the Taranis), then when any new release of AP happens, I want to be able to just add the new messages to grow the consolidated message collection in the Teensy code (and generate those additional wav files). In my case this means manipulating csv files in Excel to manage all these messages, so a bit of a headache every time a new AP release comes out!

    Cheers, Paul

  • @Paul got fed up with the onboard frsky telemetry from pixracer so fired up your latest code.  Works great!  So nice to have comprehensive telemetry and a good screen back again, makes such a difference.  I can't get the text messages working though which are so handy to have.  I've set up as you've documented, running opentx 2.0.18.  Any ideas?

  • OpenTx 2.2-RC9 issues:

    The new v2.0 telemetry code was tested on OpenTx 2.2-RC8 just fine, but there seems to be a few bugs in 2.2-RC9 which are causing text/number alignment issues. I have reported these issues to OpenTx.

    Also, OpenTx 2.2-RC9 contains an automatic lua code compiler - this is designed so that when you open a text based lua file, it will compile this into an equivalent .luac file which it will then run. I have no idea how this new feature will handle the lua files from the telemetry project, given that they are already compiled (as supplied by the project) and named with the .lua (and .lib) extension, so anyone with 2.2 RC9 running this lua telemetry solution may find some issues - would be happy to hear back from you if you do run this combo. Cheers, Paul

  • Greg, Quick update - I have just released v2.0 on github here:

    This contains the 500Wh change, so please feel free to download this in full and use the files in Taranis/LUA_Source_files/SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY to replace those already on your SD card.

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  • Greg, maybe delete the content to of your SD card TELEMETRY folder and copy over fresh from a new download from the repo. The release repo now contains the updates (it was just in the - dev repo before). Just to be clear, the updated files exist in the repo folders and not in the release download. So download the .lib files directly from the repo folders and replace your originals with these.

  • Sorry Paul,

    I do not know what I did wrong?

    Now I can enter the Wh > 250.

    Many Thanks!

    Paul Atherton said:

    I just tested this and it works fine for me. You sure you are downloading it from the -dev branch?
  • I just tested this and it works fine for me. You sure you are downloading it from the -dev branch?
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