• I couldn't find uarrow, darrow and rarrow bmps so I took the liberty to create some. They are 6x6.




      I also decided to make a larrow, just in case. 



      • Thanks.

        I was trying to solve other issues on that script, but got delayed both on personal issues and also a rebuild of my hexa including installing a retractable landing gear with some logic behind its operation, that is still underway.

        I'll be back to it asap.

        The missing arrows on github can be seen on this screenshot, but this is not complete due to issues calculating the HUD, and also integrating other values from telemetry on the left side of the screen, including the p0 (power) and t0 (throttle) bmps that can be seen also, but are just placeholders, because OpenTX is going to implement Vertical Gauges, anytime very soon. 

        At the moment the HUD display is static, because it will require more telemetry values to be sent from the multicopter to the radio. It's partially implemented at

        but still not being sent down.

        Also on this layout I won't have need for a left arrow :)

        Sorry, but I don't have a Plus to test, and according to what I've seen the Plus is running a special 2.09 build of OpenTX.

        Please note that this script does not need to have the Model Scripts running, because I'm trying to maintain everything "inside" this script.

        Christian's scripts (Arducopter_Status) do require the model scripts running.


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        • Luis thanks for the information. I already knew that the scripts in MIXES weren't necessary for your script. I am also testing with the latest additions and download a new .zip of the repository shortly after anyone makes an addition. I am not sure what the issue is on my setup, but I will look to see if there is some interaction between Christian's LUA scripts and yours.




          I also use custom versions of the noGPS/2D/3D bmps to help clean up the display. I do love your directional arrows.

  • One short question about the Connection from the APM to the FrSky X8R.

    On the picture there is a direct connection from the X8R to the APM 2.5 or 2.6.

    I thought that ist not possible because X8R uses sbus and APM 2.5 only can PPM(CPPM)

    Am i wrong ? 

    When yes, and i hope so :-), is it dependend on firmware Version of X8R and which jumper have to set on X8R and APM 2.5 ?

    Thanks in advance


    • AFAIK the X8R can not do CPPM yet (maybe ever).

  • A question for somebody who's done some coding here. In Christians version A2 value can display HDOP, but needs a Lua script to do it. Why is that the case ?

    i.e If A2 can display a voltage with two decimal points normally, why the need for a script to show HDOP value with two decimal points also ? 

    (I tried it BTW, it displays a value but it's not the same HDOP value as seen in Mission Planner).



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