• did you compile MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino from my fork?

      and did you use the single cell voltage network?

      if you compile MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino from my fork and if you don't connect the sigle cell network you must comment  line 87 & 88 in MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino. else it will read lipo cells voltage 1-6 via teensy A0-A5 inputs.

      commenting line 87 and 88 switch back, to use reported mavlink voltage.



      • thank you very much! I think it should be this way as default or at least stated somewhere in the readme.

        Thanks again

        • now there is a small compile info inside the my fork is mainly thought to have the lipo balancer plug on teensy. else, there are some other forks with standard use. that is, why i decide to set this as default.



          • Where should I change the values to get the correct voltage cells in my taranis? Now install the resistor network but reading is a little different, I would like to make it more accurate and do not understand what the divisor.

            • factors in MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino line 194-199.



              • I found it, but as calculation? I do not understand that you used mathematical calculations.

                • FLVSS need valid cell voltage values. so of course all mathematical calculations will realised in teensy. the factors are needed to do this calculation. and if you use other resistors this factors must adapted. else taranis display malarkey. i am not really good in maths. if there is an other way to calculate the correct values(without simple maths) please let me know.

  • Are there some modifications to do in the arduino scetch or LUA script when upragding the taranis to opentx 2.0.14 ?

    It seems to me that some values are no more working (roll indication for example stay flat when I roll manually the vehicule) ?


    • What about the reverse to this mod? Converting from Frsky protocol back to mavlink and then get the tx rx lines out to a bluetooth module to connect to it using Droidplanner?

      Or is the problem that the tx through Frsky protocol doesn't work and Droidplanner requires this?

      • You could just run both in parallell, just dont hook up tx to the teensy if I remember correctly.

        Teensy = send data only, and the BT-module both send and recieve.

        Double check this though.

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