• hi,

        to point one,

        why not simple use an smaller cmin font on your script and create a new line for mah? i am at least a fan from wh. this is a real value to measure consumed ernergie. mah say absolute nothing about consumption. so it is only an "relative value display" to know what approximately happens with your battery.

        i mean on 3s you measure 8000mah consumption. and if you also measure 8000mah consumption on 6s you read the same value on telemtry screen. but on 3s you consume ~88Wh and on 6s ~176Wh. this is a big difference.



        • Wolke, I know you are a big fan of Wh, but not many chargers provide a reading for this to allow your lua offset calibration method to be possible. Of course we can calculate this from mAh of charging, but this wouldn't be very accurate based on nominal voltage. So although in essence having Wh is a great way to measure consumed power, given the practicalities of achieving accuracy I don't really have any choice but to ignore this value, as I imagine is the case for many others. Being able to turn it off as a choice is therefore beneficial to me to give more real estate on the display to the counters I can make use of.
          Just my thoughts anyway.
          • i know, why do you not simply change this in your lus script? you only have to remove wh on your display an than move the myh a litte bit to right. than you are fine:).


            • Wolke, I was suggesting a change to the master release which could be useful to everyone as an option. Like I said, there are unfortunately few chargers which report Wh to be able to follow your calibration process, so few people will get real benefit from having Wh telemetry as the offsets for most would be inaccurately defined because if this limitation. My suggestion to turn off the Wh telemetry would need to be extended to include avoidance of the Wh alarm. This is beyond my lua programming capabilities unfortunately. To have thus feature in Master would be really helpful to many I would think. Maybe we could open up this suggestion for discussion amongst all the devs?
              • aha,

                please can you create an issue with your suggestion. since i while i also contribute to clonney and stop develop on my fork.

                only to know. if i create the wolkstein fork, Wh display was one of the key resource there. because in conjunction with exact single cell monitoring i wanted to make lipo monitoring so good as possible.

                also to know, it is possible to calculate WH with an average voltage mostly good enough to calibrate Wh offset for luascript. if you have an hour left simple take an eye to your charger and note voltage and charging current each 3 -10 minutes also note the time. than you can calculate an good average.

                i do the same with my new charger some weeks ago. i also have currently a charger without wh display. a graupner polaron. 300 bucks and no wh's. grumph:)

                and since i change to opentx2.1 in conjunction to new s.port library there was the need to recalibrate my offset.



  • In the Wiki here

    Can I suggest links please for items 4 and 6. I'm trying to find the .lua script that displays the screens shown there.Thanks.

    This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to athertop/MavLink_FrSkySPort. Please do not use this repo, and follow…
  • Hi

    I am having trouble uploading the latest release to my T 3.1, I go to the lines to config it and I presume I am removing the '#' in front of the Teensy options? When I do this it wont compile. Sorry if I am missing something!



    #include <GCS_MAVLink.h>
    #include "FrSkySPort.h"

    #define _MavLinkSerial Serial1 // Teensy2 = Serial1 | Pro Mini Serial
    #define debugSerial Serial
    #define START 1
    #define MSG_RATE 10 // Hertz
    #define FRSKY_PORT 4 // Teensy2 = pin 4 | Pro Mini = pin 9
    #define MavLinkSerialBaud 58824 // Teensy2 = 58824 | Pro Mini = 57600
    #define LEDPIN 11 // Teensy2 = pin 11 | Pro Mini = pin 13

    Cheers, MIke

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      • Hi, i would dlike to Know if the 2.1 Development , is working enough to be testd.
        Thank you
      • Oh bugger, cheers... its MavLink_FrSkySPort-s-c-l-v-rc-opentx2.1

  • Hey I did follow your instruction here.

    And I went to this github:

    But I found some issues there. And I made a fix by

    But now I am asking this: does teensy 1.0 support this feature? I am not having any teensy until now. But the compiling on different teensy boards has been valid. So can I assume teensy 1.0 board can do this MavLink_FrSkySbus work?


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