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        • hello,I got Almost everything done,but I don't know how to calibrate the current,and my north arrow is not moving when I move the copter,need you help.3702808794?profile=original

          • Current calibration described here:

            As for your North Arrow, its actually more of a radar, as the arrow should move inside the square once armed, and the upwards arrow signifies the direction the quad was pointing at the arming time, so not necessarily North per-se. If that's not responding, it suggests that you are not getting a GPS coordinates telemetry feed. This comes in on the GPS sensor (I.e. the sensor named "GPS" on the model telemetry screen in OpenTx 2.1), so would suggest you go to the telemetry config screen for your model and see if you are getting the coordinates displayed for that sensor. If not, I would first advise deleting that sensor and doing a discovery to get it automatically added back in. I had an issue where I had manually created that sensor and the data was not displaying in a correctly formatted Lat/long, so I added it back as I suggest here and that fixed the issue. Good luck

            • Thnaks Paul,I will try to discover gps sensor tomorrowdo I have to get a 3D fix before I do"discover new sensor"??for the Mah It looks complicated doesn't it?I have a wattmeter I will try to use it

              • No, you don't need a fix at all, just as long as the GPS is connected, and Mavlink sees the GPS then the teensy should read this in the telemetry stream and simulate a GPS sensor on the smartport bus, sending this down to your Taranis. With no fix it should still display only with a 0degree lat/long. In my case when I went to edit the original GPS sensor, in place of lat/long at the top it showed a 5 digit numeric value. I deleted the sensor, turned on discovery for a few seconds and a new GPS sensor appeared showing the correct lat/long format, then stopped discovery. If you are using OpenTx 2.1.7, then please make sure you have the latest lua screen called copter217.lua as otherwise several values will not display correctly.

            • I have the same issue. Everything works but the direction to home arrow. I know the gps is working because guided modes work. It works at first but after a couple minutes it sort of hangs and stops. Could this be an issue with the data telemetry speed rates? Do you know if this is it SR1_EXT_STAT??? in the amp copter params? Do you know what the setting should be? Thanks for any help! 

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