• OpenTx 2.1.7 breaks the Clooney82 lua script

    OpenTx have amended the functionality of the PREC1 and PREC2 formatting parameters in LUA of OpenTx 2.1.7. The functionality has reverted back to the way PREC1/PREC2 worked in OpenTx 2.0.x. This means that if you have updated to 2.1.7 you will find that several values on the telemetry page no longer display correctly. I have raised an issue on github for this with the Clooney82 project, and have linked to a fixed telem1.lua script that I modified. Hopefully Jochen(Clooney) will pick this up and merge it soon. The link to the issue is here:

    OpenTx 2.1.7 - new PREC1 PREC2 formatting breaks telem screen · Issue #50 · Clooney82/MavLink_FrSky…
    I did a test flight tonight using OpenTx2.1.7 for the first time. The battery voltage was displaying at 10% of its actual value and Cmin voltage was…
    • this one working fine on 2.1

      • Thanks for the link. That project looks nice too, but note that it is a different project to the Clooney82 project I am referring to above. I note though that the project you refer to also was effected by the LUA formatting changes in OpenTx 2.1.7,and they have fixed that version also.
        • yes its all fixed i test it out for him

          • Hi

                 Can anyone help I have been using the   "Clooney82" teensy code successfully using the current sensor built in to the power supply (data from mavlink).

             I then installed a frsky 150a current sensor which works ok on its own

              id (  0200   8 ).

             but when I discover the remaining sensors (from the teensy) the current sensor  stops working

            I have tried     USE_FAS_SENSOR_INSTEAD_OF_APM_DATA option   but same thing  happens.

            I assume there is an id conflict there somewhere?

            if it not possible to resolve through software then may be i can change   the id  with a frsky servo changer?

            Any comments appreciated

            Tim Painter

            • Strange I just had the same problem, I changed the id code in the libraries file.

              Find the file FySkySportSensor.h, open it in a editor, find "ID8 = 0x67", change the "67" to another ID, I set it for "1b".

              recompile, and it should work.

              I first tried the  commenting out this line but it didn't work,"//#define USE_FAS_SENSOR_INSTEAD_OF_APM_DATA"

              I do remember trying a few ID numbers before this one worked.

              • Hi Burt

                   Thanks for the tip It works  ("ID8 = 0x67", change the "67" to another ID, I set it for "1B".)

                I an finding it difficult to understand the telemetry system id/names/instance numbers.

                Fuel instance changed to 28 ?? but it probably wont work  any way if pixhawk cannot know the current.

                Thanks again


  • Code is working great! Thanks so much for the cool project.

    I wonder if there is a mod to adjust the code to Arduplane?
    I would like to implement this on a pixhawk mounted on a Bixler 3 running Arduplane 3.4.

    Thanks in advance.
    • Zeek, I'm interested in your project with the Bix 3 as I just bought one myself - my first plane actually, and have been busy practising on a flight sim! As far as getting the teensy code working on the plane version of APM, I'm wondering why it would not just work the same as it does on the multirotor version. What are your thoughts making you think it won't just work?

      • The code works. The flight modes are showing incorrectly on the screen, same for the audio. I am not the best at coding lua and it is why I posted to see if anyone out there has modified the code for planes. At the moment I am using a similar code "Awesome Mavlink to Frslky telemetry" from RCGroups. The admin of this thread has add some option on the script to adjust it for planes. But to clarify, this project still works with planes firmware, just not the way was intended since it has been initially for multicopters.
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