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The thread on my blog post is getting a little unmanageable.  How about we discuss test results here instead...  

I'll also post release notes as new builds are out.  The device must support 'USB host mode' (most devices running android 3.1 or later are fine).  You'll need a 'OTG' adapter such as this

Please post feedback here or on the github issues site - the google play comments are not really useful yet.



Hi ya'll.  Please move further discussion of this app to a newly created group:

Feel free to make new approprately titled discussion threads.  

Future app releases will be announced only there.


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  • I have been using andropilot for a while now and like it as it seems to work for us, well done!

    For the current job that I am doing, I need to synchronise my MAPIR camera clock with the APM GPS clock before each mission, is there a way to see what the GPS time is from Andropilot? I can't seem to find that information anywhere?

    Secondly, why am I seeing tlog jpg images in the logs folder? Is that something new?

  • First of all, thanks for this great App! Nice amount of data for pilot in a compact form.
    Edit: please point me another thread if there is newer. This seems to be a bit old.

    Here is one issue and procedure how I found my way out of it. This is description of it. Sorry if this is already known, I didn't read all 70 comment pages.

    Andropilot does connect properly with APM 2.6 with RFD900 and first generation Asus 7 only using this procedure:

    - start Andropilot
    - wait until all messages are gone and it is asking to connect radio
    - plug radio to USB
    - accept connection with Andropilot (Droidplanner another in the list)
    - accept sometimes another time
    - radio is connected most of the times, if not, unplug radio and plug again

    With any other method I have tried Andropilot has connected only "partially". It doesn't show firmware with green text, says no vehicle, no parameters, sometimes no RSSI, sometimes RSSI is there. Andropilot does notice if modem USB is unplugged or APM is unpowered when "partially" connected. Quite often while searching working connection method I managed to crash Andropilot. I tried few dozens of times any kind of methods and this method has been working five last times in a row.

    Andropilot 2.1.08
    Android 4.4.2
    APM latest official Y6 two weeks ago, if needed I find it out.
    RFD900 default as shipped last Autumn

      • Thanks!

        I'll check those. Today I found Andropilot to be unreliable. HDOP stayed at 3.19 and logs proofs HDOP to be about 2.1-2.2. Everything seemed to be fine and voice messages were correct. I'll post this to some other thread if someone helps me to help debugging.

        BTW, that my earlier step by step instruction needs update. Today I had to unplug modem once like at last step and then accept twice that Andropilot is authorized to use modem.

  • I got a HDC Galaxys S5,a It works so far so has Additional Features like asCalendar, Alarm clock, Calculator, MMS, 3D Music, Advanced App Killer, Aldiko eBook, Browser, Yahoo,
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    Good per il pianeta Italia
  • Hi, Great app!

    Is there a provision for preflight airspeed calibration for planes?

    How do I zero my altitude and airspeed before flying?




  • Hello all

    been playing around with Andropilot alot, just wondering because i cant seem to find it on a Nexus 7, is there save/load WP functionality in Andropilot some where? thanks and keep up the Awesome work

  • Hi everyone,
    I've had no luck getting andropilot connect using a Yarvik tab200 tablet. Now I've purchased a gdippo y88 tablet 7" for only 48 dollars, and it immediately worked straight from the box.

    Any new on map prefetching?

  • Hi Guys,

    I really appreciate the work that is done on Adropilot. Using it mostly for preflight checks (sats, HDOP, ...) and PID tuning on my Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab 2 I found it working very stable and easy to use. Good job!

    Three minor things:

    I also notice frequent updates on my tablet and was wondering where I can find a change log. Is it possible to incorporate the changelog in let's say a about screen in the setup menu?

    After startup and first connection the screen switches to fullscreen. I have to reenable the sidebar again. Is that intenden.

    And, how is this one going along:



    Andropilot - reordering waypoints · Issue #107 · geeksville/arduleader
    Please add some code to allow reordering of waypoints, i.e. move a waypoint up and down the list of waypoints?
  • Awesome work thanks Kevin.  

    Is there any way to run Andropilot under the lock screen, or similar?  The idea being I can put the Nexus is my pocket and just listen to the voice prompts without risk of messing something up on the screen.

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