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2zb4l51w8c489 replied to Kevin Hester's discussion Andropilot - discussion for Android ground controller users/developers
"I got a HDC Galaxys S5,a It works so far so good.it has Additional Features like asCalendar, Alarm clock, Calculator, MMS, 3D Music, Advanced App Killer, Aldiko eBook, Browser, Yahoo, Messenger, Calibrator, Camera, Car Home, Contacts, Desk Clock,…"
Jul 21, 2014
2zb4l51w8c489 replied to Chris F.'s discussion Videos?
"why you never heard technology.its are digital time so technology is most important for all. see technology"
Jul 21, 2014
2zb4l51w8c489 replied to Rory Paul's discussion Insurance
"i also find this info. please known me about insurance"
Jul 19, 2014
2zb4l51w8c489 replied to Christian D. Sabroe's discussion Travel midpoint
"you can visit convo. it will help you.its are ver helpful site."
Jul 11, 2014
2zb4l51w8c489 replied to Jeff's discussion Servo throws
Jul 11, 2014
2zb4l51w8c489 replied to b nevins's discussion Help with dspoiler
"it only applicable in FBW mode"
Dec 19, 2013
2zb4l51w8c489 replied to mellbo's discussion Board Orientation (AHRS_ORIENTATION) for heli
"I am not sure i will say you latter."
Dec 17, 2013