Anybody flying PX4?

I'm trying to set up 2 machines using a PX4 FMU and IO Board, and using Arducopter 3.1 rc7, and I'm having a lot of problems with glitching that seems to be coming from the Rx input.  It shows up in the logs as blips in the roll/pitch/yaw inputs.  The copter flies, but it not safe because of this.  When in Stabilize mode, the roll/pitch blips are almost imperceptible, but you can see the yaw position jump. In Loiter mode the copter can suddenly jump about 1 meter.

Has anybody else experienced this?  Or are you successfully flying a PX4?  Any insight appreciated.

I've tried updating the FrSky Rx firmware to the special 27us PPM firmware, and it doesn't seem to help.  But I have no real way of knowing if the update even worked as the FrSky program doesn't indicate any success or failure, and I have no other way of checking if it's actually running at 18 or 27us frame length.

Update: The problem does not seem to be restricted to FrSky equipment, so I'm opening up the question to find out who is actually successfully on PX4 V1 equipment? Can you share any details of your setup?



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  • Got a few sessions completed with the new PX4 and it's stellar! Loiter is like being stapled to the sky, waypoints are superb and RTL lands about a foot or less from arming point. And this is with one compass number of 400, unbalanced props, no compassmot completed and the board attached with only foam tape! Only had to lower gains a bit pretty much as simple to set up as my Naza V2. Arducopter 3.1 and the PX4 are a very happily married couple. :-)

    Using a single Spektrum satellite (have a 4 way expander for bigger craft when needed). Did waypoint testing with Andropilot and that was very nice as well.

    And thanks again to Craig for the new PX4, it's a game changer.

  • Earplugs, HK vibration foam, Silicone pencil holders, piece of lead for weight.

    So vibrations are within acceptable range, finally.

    Turbulentic test flight:

  • Hello,

    I'm flying with VrBrain 4.5 and firmware 3.1.11 (based on Apm 3.1rc5 software), with Futaba Tx and FrSky TRF4 PPM-Sum receiver. TRF4 is an old one, cannot say what firmware is on it (factory state April 2012)

    Quite happy with the setup.


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    @TCIII, sounds good!

    I installed the PX4 (with spektrum satellite receiver) on my hexacopter, I have tested Stabilize, Hold Alt and Loiter, so far so good it looks very well. I will try auto-mode soon too...  ;-)

    See you!

    Guto Santaella

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    Hi Lefebvre,

    Man, I had exactly the same issue here (glitching the signal from RC), I was using the 3DR PPM encoder.

    The problem disappear when I change the PPM encoder for a Spektrum Satellite Receiver, everything works fine now and I have no glitches anymore!

    Good luck buddy!

    Guto Santaella

  • yes i will send it. can u please brief the steps and procedure to enable the Attitude_Fast parameter logging. i will try to do a flight today and send the log sometime tomorrow.

  • MR60

    OMG, glad I'm still using APM... PX4 is obviously still an immature hardware for running Aurdupilot software.

  • can someone help how to change the baud rate of serial 0 port (USB) on arducopter 3.0.1. serial 3 parameter is in the list but i do not see serial 0 parameter asny where in the list.

  • i am flying PX4+IO in phantom body. i bought the body without any flight controller. The phantom is flying quite well with default parameters. there is no major glitch while flying. motors do glitch for fraction of a second while flying but the flying mode and position are not effected and normal flying continues. i am using futaba 7C with frsky Rx with PPM out. i did notice the glitch in camera pan and tilt servo when 3DR radio is very close to PX4 or servo wires. i have does RTL and waypoint navigation. both seem to be quite OK. i am using a Hobbyking uBlox GPS which is a clone of 3DR uBlox GPS.



  • As you can tell Robert from looking at the board I tweaked the board and the firmware somewhat.  I am hoping to have enough time to pick it back up again soon, but got too many projects going on at the moment.  I have been powering mine straight from a low noise 5V 5A UBEC.  Been using 9XR with FrSky DJT module and FrSky D4R-II via PPM sum input receiver on the hardware end.  

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