Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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Just ignore the Error message. All works fine. I just did this step last week and it's no problem.

Thank you so much Peter.

Solved following your hint

Copied from Web View and paste in to a new txt file.

Its working very well with a sensibility way better than mediatek. 3d fix also indoor.


Anyone know how to connect the GPS to the APM??? 

Because I found that red is the GND! But the others I do not know

Thank you in advance for your help

Does this mean i can use my NEO6M-0-001 forom Rabbitt FC(also can i use rabbit as camera gimbal control?is it better than APM2.0 camera control) too?its probably older than yours bcs i bought it almost 6months ago

who knows would be posssible to use Ublox lea 7 when becomes avlible


it says there:"This 5th generation module in the LEA form factor allows simple migration from LEA-6 GPS and LEA-6N GPS/GLONASS modules"

i am waiting for that one thats why i dont upgrade to 3dr one....

He i recently (two days ago) got the gps working with the ardumega, by default it will work with the ardu mega, and it is very easy to reprogram in u-center

As follows Blue is PPS (dont use)

GND is Green

RX is white

TX is yellow

VDD is blck

PEN is RED   (dont use)


thank you for this answer,
I tried but it does not work, I tried from 9600 to 115200
to power, it displays strange character but no dialogue ....

remember on the ardumega you must cross tx and rx round

you likely did this: tx to tx, rx to rx

switch tx to rx, rx to tx

For the moment, i'm testing only with ftdi cable to upload the .txt.

I confirm,actually  rx to tx ... 

The LEA-6H($75.99) vs NEO-6M($28)

The real difference is that the LEA-GH has the ability to :

-upgrade the Firmware (won't use it as you don't want Galileo/GloNass)

-receive data from Galileo(EUROPE) and GloNass(RUSSIA) Satellites with upgraded firmware

-a TCXO Crystal which allows accelerated weak signal acquisition, enabling faster start and reacquisition times

-1dBm more sensitive in Tracking/Cold Starts/Hot Starts

other than that.. not really much...  If you live in North America,  GPS is better for you than Galileo/GloNass, the TCXO performance is generally considerably better than that of a normal crystal oscillator. Figures within the range

1 to 5 ppm are often achieved (probably not noticeable to us...) and finally... does the 1dBm really make a difference, is anyone noticing it... 

I personal bought the NEO-6 and testing... no field testing yet... but have done my book research.  

all the best!

Marco, did you connect NEO-6M from HK with APM2.5, as I understood? Could you please confirm?

Do you know how NEO-6M is comparing as performance with 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6


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